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#13 presents:

"Program" System of Digital Art:"BOOM! Fast and Frozen Permutation" ?
Taiwan-Australia New Media Art Exhibition by Yu-Chuan Tseng Yu-Chuan Tseng reports on Taiwan-Australia New Media Art Exhibition from the perspective: "An important element of digital computer technology ... has digital art features of aesthetic concepts and
behavioral structure....'program' is an important factor in constructing the work."

Games: The Art of Making, Bending, and Breaking Rules
by Andrew Yashar Ames
"In interactive art, the observer and the work are constructed by
rules that can be bent or broken, but cannot be absent." Andrew Y.
Ames examines "Game-based art... [with] implied and explicit rules
that artists expose and exploit for aesthetic and ideological purposes."

The Miracles of Feedback
by Mario van Horrik
"This paper deals with my fascination for acoustic feedback... I want
to express my doubts, theories, and questions, as well as our motives
and enthusiasm for using this medium." Sound artist Mario van Horrik
explains his involvement over two decades with acoustic feedback

Hz vs Church
by Novi_sad
Sound artist/composer Novi_sad's project "'Hz vs Church' aims to use
Churches (or other big sized public buildings) as post loudspeakers
in order to create, unfold and play live various sounds which appear
in the 'aural surface' by using and manipulating in real time
different kinds of frequencies."

We are not alone
by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico
"Network and information technologies, with a mutagen leap, directly
connect the mind of the human being to hyper-contents and to hyper-
contexts, creating perspectives that are totally new." Iaconesi/
Persico on their projects which emerge as one of the possibilities/
directions network technology brings forward.

Intimate Transactions: Close Encounters of Another Kind
by Tony Fry
"Crucially, the interactive intent of the work was to create a means
to reflect upon a particular kind of experience ? the experience of
our being relationally connected as a collective body." Writer/
theorist Tony Fry on Keith Armstrong(creative director)'s "Intimate
Transactions," and its link to Ecosophy.


Pollen Soup
by Pierre Proske

Sharedscapes - Points of View on Landscapes
by Gr?goire Zab?

by Myron Turner

Passivitate Imunitass (Activista)
by Poderiu

88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (To Be Played with the Left Hand)
by David Clark

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