Andrea Dancer's new work Cloist(au)ral on Radiocustica

'.... Soundwalking is a way of addressing a schism between human and world, a philosophical alienation that began with Aristotle and, through its long lineage, has become a habit of sensory imbalance. 
In this piece, so called "ambient sound" is given equal weight as the spoken word. It is treated as a type of language, foregrounded, in order to shift one's listening biases. In phenomenological terms, space is constituted through perception as the body moves through it, physically. It follows that if the structure of the listening environment is changed, so one's perception shifts and the space is constituted differently. In this way, soundwalking can be called an act of com-position, although to use that term is to bind acoustic phenomenon again to the history of music. The listening in soundwalking defies definitions of sound or music -- as with all lived experience, it is both and neither all at once. It simply is what it is as one is in it. In this way, the call to "listen as you've never listened before," is as much an invitation to change as a kind of passive activism....' for more and to hear the piece click here


Radio Kiosk...

Radio Kiosk is an experimental radio compilation. It gathers together experimental radio shows and music labels from around New Zealand and Australia, into a single programme broadcast from the Kiosk Public Art Site on the corner of High and Lichfield Sts in Christchurch. It is a radio station made up of other radio stations, an adventure in adventurous radio, channelling the sounds of other times and places.

Radio Kiosk broadcasts through a small handmade transmitter built by Adam Hyde, and designed by Japanese ‘mini fm’ pioneer, Tetsuo Kogawa. Kogawa inspired Japan’s ‘mini fm’ boom in the early 1980s, by establishing radio stations that broadcast across only a few Tokyo blocks to evade Japan’s strict broadcast licensing laws. Most radio stations try to transmit with great power across a wide area, so that their audience can listen as they go about the rituals of daily life – at home, in the car, at work. Mini fm deliberately restricts its transmissions to its immediate surroundings, so that it physically draws its listeners in. Radio Kiosk will have a very small transmission zone; audible within a couple of blocks through your own portable radio, car stereo or walkman. It will be audible without a radio receiver when you are standing very close to the kiosk.

The Radio Kiosk programme was contributed by radio hosts and musicians from New Zealand and Australia. Some of its content was first broadcast last week, some was broadcast last decade - these are the transient products of other radio stations, plucked from the ether for another listen. The programmes will be played randomly for three weeks, so that the unpredicatable content is never predictable.

alejandra & aeron - non-stop twinkle, twinkle little star in mandarin

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