the ezrapound strange beautiful song

sound suits by Michael Una and Nck Cave

Soundsuits by Nick Cave

Nick Cave at Shianman Gallery
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New Blog; Gertrude Stein and the Sound Inside It

this is a picture of Stein and Alice up to no good...
Just a started a new blog space featuring Stein and the work she did with language + my playing with her ideas.. she is featured singing wild Inuit versions of blue by you on it...

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ADLIB, australian outsider music-sound great stuff

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Fantastic site - links, real outside sound work, bee-autiful .

quote... 'Smart as members of our species like to think of themselves, there is to date still no general theory of cognition. The necessity of music in our lives is therefore still not completely understood; all we know is that we need it.

Our remote ancestors discovered that music and dance were instrumental in bonding groups larger than the nuclear family; music helps to transcend our natural state of aloneness. On the other side of that coin lie the darkest forms of tribalism by which outsiders are excluded and persecuted because of the notion of difference.

The Australia Ad Lib archive includes the music of those who are mostly excluded from any serious debate about music in this country: Australians who due to physical or mental disability express the 'other' (or indeed the 'real') through their extraordinary, sometimes brilliant and often very raw musical abilities.

We have a range of recordings from an autistic musical savant, a phenomenal guitarist who has made a physical disability into a musical virtue, a jazz pianist who shares with us his sonic maps of survival, a stammerer who became a sound poet, and the outsider super group 'The Mu-Mesons'... performers who tell it how it is and how it maybe could be."

Oh Ada... ADA LOVELACE DAY- furtherfield & all the inspiring women

FABULOSO furtherfields Ada Lovelace day contributions click here

quote... "Ada Lovelace Day was conceived of and promoted by Suw Charman-Anderson as a way of "bringing women in technology to the fore". It succeded in motivating nearly 2000 people to publish a blog post about a woman in technology whom they admired.

In support of Ada Lovelace Day we invited women working in media arts to join the NetBehaviour.org email list for a week, in March '09. They were invited to post information about their own work alongside the work of other women who had inspired them in their own practice. Some names came up a number of times but with different stories and for very different reasons. NetBehaviour provided a context for sharing and discussing influences and tracing connections: artistic, practical, theoretical, technical, historical, personal. For readability the list displayed here does not include all of the discussion but this can be traced back through the NetBehaviour archives.

Some contributors were anxious about the many excellent people who may have been missed out. We know this is not a definitive survey or list but it is an excellent resource and just one possible starting point for anyone wanting to know more about women working in media art.

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a scary still from a scary sound movie in progress...

Funny future house-dance-voice-talk

Captcha Project ...'lovely'

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send in the clowns....

art must be beautiful

inappropriate covers

I like em...."STEPHANIE SYJUCO is a visual artist who’s recent work uses the tactics of bootlegging, reappropriation, and fictional fabrications to address issues of cultural biography, labor, and economic globalization. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, her objects mistranslate and misappropriate iconic symbols, creating frictions between high ideals and everyday materials. This has included re-creating several 1950s Modernist furniture pieces by French designer Charlotte Perriand but using cast-off material and rubbish in Beijing, China; starting a global collaborative project with crochet crafters to counterfeit high-end consumer goods; photographing models of Stonehenge made from cheap Asian imported food products; and searching for fragments of the Berlin Wall in her immediate surroundings in an attempt to revisit the historical moment of “the end of History.” "

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new blog multi-MARYfesto

welcome to a new site

A maryfesto is a list inspiring paradigms that shape creative work, be it sonic art, creative knitting, experimental ecriture writing or avant-garde painting practices...this new blog site is the place where every maryfestos written by a self identifying 'mary' is welcome.

Where are the lost maryfestos by all the brilliant mary minds of the past? What is the maryfesto frame women and mary's are working with now?...

Why don't you outline your maryfesto for your creative project, projects, life etc. here, where every single web attached mary can have a look!! after one year this list could/will be compiled and published as the multi-Maryfesto, maryfesto!!!
...and then we will know where the maryfesto's are.

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how it was Gretrude and Alice....

Don José, Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas from "Adventures of Picasso" by Tage Danielsson (Sweden, 1978). The best comedy I've ever seen!