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Fantastic site - links, real outside sound work, bee-autiful .

quote... 'Smart as members of our species like to think of themselves, there is to date still no general theory of cognition. The necessity of music in our lives is therefore still not completely understood; all we know is that we need it.

Our remote ancestors discovered that music and dance were instrumental in bonding groups larger than the nuclear family; music helps to transcend our natural state of aloneness. On the other side of that coin lie the darkest forms of tribalism by which outsiders are excluded and persecuted because of the notion of difference.

The Australia Ad Lib archive includes the music of those who are mostly excluded from any serious debate about music in this country: Australians who due to physical or mental disability express the 'other' (or indeed the 'real') through their extraordinary, sometimes brilliant and often very raw musical abilities.

We have a range of recordings from an autistic musical savant, a phenomenal guitarist who has made a physical disability into a musical virtue, a jazz pianist who shares with us his sonic maps of survival, a stammerer who became a sound poet, and the outsider super group 'The Mu-Mesons'... performers who tell it how it is and how it maybe could be."


Anonymous said...

If you like outsider music then check out this guy from new zealand www.myspace.com/rotatethecompletorfanpage. it's mad stuff, but great.

majena mafe said...

Hi Anonymous...Thanks for this link
I like it alot. What a guy eh? Song no 10 makes my heart sing