A Voice Opera by majena mafe

Droorn (a voice opera) sound piece click HERE

When Pressed great collection of sounded pieces and essays

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"This is an online space that brings together work from a variety of media in collections, each curated by a different person or group. Collections could include poetry, essay, fiction and prose, criticism, as well as sound and image, either as components of a work or as the work itself. We hope for this to be a place of organised eclecticism and innovation. We also hope it is a place that people spend time with and return to, and that the design is responsive to the way people actually read, scan, watch, listen and think on and with the internet"...

Great Essay here
Those Strange Movements of the Mouth and Throat: Merging Fields of Inscription in the Work of Amanda Stewart by Ella OKeefe

Amanda Stewarts sound-and-sense HERE

Xmas in July- China Doll with Drum

China Doll with Drum, originally uploaded by Curious Expeditions.

First Sounds present first recorded Voice

Au Clair de la Lune--French folk song (1860 Phonautogram)

Scott recorded someone singing an excerpt from the French folksong "Au Clair de la Lune" on April 9, 1860, 17 years before Edison invented the phono graph....and deposited the results with the Académie des Sciences in 1861. The existence of a tuning-fork calibration trace allows us to compensate for the irregular recording speed of the hand-cranked cylinder. The sheet contains the beginning line of the second verse-"Au clair de la lune, Pierrot répondit"-and is the earliest audibly recognizable record of the human voice yet recovered.

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Image: Sarah Lucas, chicken knickers


enantiomorphic feature a sound piece

I'm on enantiomorphic.blogspot click here for a look at me expressing the sound of silence !! ha ... and more wonderful loopes and doubles by fabulous others.... click HERE

structure of the verb to doubt
majena mafe