Erasing Dreamland (Accidentally Erased Bruce Conner)

"Erasing Dreamland" was created using found footage from Youtube in order to forge a digital homage to the analog techniques of the artist and film maker Bruce Conner, specifically his film "Take The 5-10 To Dreamland."

The creation of this film lead to the erasure of Bruce Conner's film from the YouTube network, "due to its content being used with out the artists permission."

The film currently exists in copyright protection limbo, as the footage sampled was legally obtained from YouTube. As outlined within the terms of use agreement associated with uploading a video to YouTube, the content of Bruce Conner's film existed outside the realm of copy protection while it was still present on their network, regardless of Conner not being the original poster of the film.

Furthermore, the copyright management status of the video enters an even stranger space upon the realization that both films were created using found footage. Conner was notorious as an artist for using found footage in his films that he would obtain at thrift shops and second hand stores (Bruce Conner Oral History). The digital recreation of "Take The 5-10 To Dreamland" was created by searching through the meta data associated with videos on YouTube and sorting through the resulting clips for bits and pieces that would sync in time with Bruce Conners's film.

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