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quote...'This evening we are exploring the theme of listening by asking what is listening?
We'll get hear some not so simple answers from Oslo Davis a professional eavesdropper, various ear mechanics and a couple of people with unique perspectives on the world of sound; a former music retailer Greg Hartney, who suffers from nerve deafness and radio broadcaster Glen Morrow who is legally blind.
Brain waves, sound waves, shock waves....radio waves - angels and angst, memory and message.
For music details, click on the transcript link...'
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From the Vault - pacifica radio archives- full of goodies

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Keep This Sex 'in' Sight- book of essays by Elvan Zabunyan, Marie Joseph Bertini and Francoise Gange.

Dis Voir

Keep This Sex Out Of My Sight

The Undisplayable of Female Sex as Revealed by Women

Essays by Elvan Zabunyan, Marie Joseph Bertini and Francoise Gange.

Ever since women artists gave themselves the right to declare their sexual fantasies, their work has yielded revelations for those who once declared their fantasies for them. In a raw language that ignores taboos, these women speak of sex like Courbet painted "The Origin of the World." Keep This Sex Out of My Sight is a hymn to women's sex, a celebration of feminine desire, so often erased, hidden and forgotten. For the artists whose texts and images appear here, obscenity and pornography are responses to the male fear of the female sexual organ, and confronting them cancels their power. more ... click here

Sound art books

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happy easter sound bunnies....

Singing through silk - Yvon Bonenfant

Sound, touch, the felt body and emotion: Toward a haptic art of voice
Yvon Bonenfant

quote... 'As an extended vocalist and performance artist, deriving my work, as I do, from experimental music, contemporary performance and body psychotherapy, sound and touch have come together to form a sort of aesthetic existential crux against which the rest of my practice revolves and rotates. In recent praxis, I have been exploring sound and touch from the perspective of the notion of membrane. Membranes are essential to both sound and touch:  they are that which permits perception of contact. The recently published National Scientific Research Centre of France’s Dictionary of the Body (Dictionnaire du corps) (Andrieu and Botsch 2008) defines touch as “the action of the movement through which two bodies come into contact with one another” (Nancy 2007: 325). Membranes permit this contact.
In my creative work, I have been working with a literal form of membrane. The fine, semi-transparent grade of habotai-weave silk I have been using for runs of my intimate performance Soie soyeuse (2007-8)has a number of startling characteristics. Firstly, I can sing from behind layers of this fabric and my voice is not stifled – it is as if I am singing in open air. Sound travels almost perfectly across the barrier, and I have found no other fabric which has such sound transparency yet is still opaque. Next, the silk, though cold for perhaps half a second when touching my skin, heats through and warms startlingly quickly: it takes on body temperature on contact very swiftly. Thirdly, despite its permeability to air, this incredibly thin layer of silk insulates extraordinarily well. It is fascinating. Like a second human skin, it cocoons and breathes; like an eardrum, suspended as it is in warm nests of human tissue and in contact with tiny bones, it reacts to sound while transmitting the sound waves on to the matter beyond. Holding the silk while singing, I can actually feel it vibrating; the sensation is one of toughness and fragility yoked together in one tissue. Not unlike our own human skin.....' for more  click here


voices whitman

by Walt Whitman

NOW I make a leaf of Voices--for I have found nothing mightier than
they are,
And I have found that no word spoken, but is beautiful, in its place.

O what is it in me that makes me tremble so at voices?
Surely, whoever speaks to me in the right voice, him or her I shall
As the water follows the moon, silently, with fluid steps, anywhere
around the globe.

All waits for the right voices;
Where is the practis'd and perfect organ? Where is the develop'd
For I see every word utter'd thence, has deeper, sweeter, new sounds,
impossible on less terms.

I see brains and lips closed--tympans and temples unstruck,
Until that comes which has the quality to strike and to unclose, 10
Until that comes which has the quality to bring forth what lies
slumbering, forever ready, in all words.



The Circulator

Making "CIRCULATOR" / An installation by Jim Blashfield / 4Culture from Jim Blashfield on Vimeo.
Jim Blashfield kindly sent me a message about his video and sound installation Circulator now being finished, and scheduled for installation at the Brightwater Environmental Centre north of Seattle’s Lake Washington, in Spring.
It’s amazing to see the detail of the visual material. This realism is fortified by sound, which plays an important role in Circulator. We hear a nice combination of realistic sounds and dream-like musical sequences.
The installation shows the artists impression of the water cycle. Watch the video to hear Jim Blashfield explain the installation and if you want to know more about the artist and his work, visit his website at www.blashfieldstudio.com.

Episode 3 - Microphone types and characteristics

Episode 2 - Sound behaviour part 2

Episode 1 - Sound behaviour part 1

Sound Waves and their Sources (1933)

How the Body Works : The Cochlea

How the Body Works : The Auditory Pathways

The Organ of Corti by liminal, Winner of PRS for Music Foundation New Mu...

Julian Treasure -sound health


Kokoro's Actroid DER2 Female Robot

EveR-3 Singing Korean pop song

Invertuality: A message from Jules....

singing freedom-Creepy Singing Android Heads

creepy, disturbing, yet awesome cartoon ("Bimbo's Initiation")

Nancy Garcia- Lovers Alarm Clock

Nancy Garcia :: April 9 - June 9, 2011 :: Opening: April 9; 7:00 - 10:00 pm :: Bas Fisher Invitational, 180 NE 39th Street, Suite 210, Miami, Florida.
Nancy Garcia’s interdisciplinary practice incorporates choreography, music/sound, video, performance, image making, and new media. Often slinging the viewer to the edges of performative events, Garcia draws attention to the exultant body, considering it as a site as well as a vehicle for sound and movement. For her first solo exhibition in Miami, Garcia shows a new body of work incorporating photography, a new video entitled Power Trio, and a concept audio compilation, Lover’s Alarm Clock, for which she asked artist friends to “create a sound you want your lover/s to wake up to.” Each track will be downloadable and sharable as a smartphone ringtone at www.loversalarmclock.com, and be available for listening in the gallery. Continue reading

Heart - orchestra

Heart Chamber Orchestra - Pixelache from pure on Vimeo.
Heart Chamber Orchestra - Pixelache from pure on Vimeo. Heart Chamber Orchestra is an audio-visual performance during which 12 classical trained musicians control a music composition and a graphical visualization through their personal heartbeats.
The musical score is generated in real-time by the heartbeats of the musicians, who read and play this score from a computer screen placed in front of them. As a result, the installation forms a feedback loop in which the music literally “comes from the heart”. Continue reading

sewing machine orchestra ...

Sewing Machine Orchestra from Martin Messier on Vimeo.
Sewing Machine Orchestra from Martin Messier on Vimeo.
Eight old Singer sewing machines in a row are the musicians of the Sewing Machine Orchestra made by one of the two men behind La Chambre des Machines, Martin Messier. The sounds we hear are all created by the sewing machines. Apart from the sound this installation makes, the image of these classic machines put in a clean, modern environment is wonderful, and triggers the viewers memory and imagination.
thanks to: everydaylistening.com

Two Turbulence Commissions at Pace

Two Turbulence Commissions (both part of Turbulence@PaceDigitalGallery2, April 5-29, 2011, New York City; http://csis.pace.edu/digitalgallery/):

1. "Spectral Quartet" by Woody Sullender
2. "Channel TWo: NYC" by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook

1. "Spectral Quartet" by Woody Sullender

The audio content of "Spectral Quartet" consists of filtered radio signals, culled from various web streams from the Internet. These signals are being passed through many "band pass filters", a type of equalizer that allows a small range of frequencies through while attenuating frequencies outside of this range. In effect, most of the audio signal is "erased" except for a narrow stratum of frequency material. This work highlights small, hidden musical moments that are occurring on radio, but are usually rendered inaudible by other elements in the sound.

Although the Internet can bridge disparate communities, our experience on the web is of a customized landscape, with content tailored to our ideological views, our shopping behaviors, our socio-economic demographics, etc. "Spectral Quartet" literally re-unites these voices into a singularized, aestheticized, quiet moment.

"Spectral Quartet" is a 2010 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site. It was supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.


Woody Sullender is an artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY, working primarily in music and audio media. Over the past few years, he has emerged as a pre-eminent experimental banjo performer, playing with and against the cultural baggage of the instrument. More recent work focuses on "erasing" existing audio by removing most of the frequencies from a recording via band-pass filters. This has manifested in a range of media from a lathe-cut record of a diminished "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to an FM broadcast of erased radio stations. Among other activities, he teaches new media in the New York area and hosts a weekly radio show on WFMU.


2. "Channel TWo: NYC" by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook

Eleven years into the new century, it is time to discuss the terms of surrender. Not a surrender to any civilization but the surrender of civilization to those in control who would use any political participation as a crutch for their failure. The question is not if but when giving up on civilization will be seen as the only rational political stance. Channel TWo is a post-network media channel that begins with entertainment-based narrative as a common language. Structurally, it employs internet algorithms, viewer research and custom software to generate localized content. The outcome is a nonlinear, local media sequence that is directly connected to the community in which it is situated. Channel TWo begins after the inevitable surrender of civilization, a never-ending, visually-stimulating, product-placement-based culture stream.

"Channel TWo: NYC" is a 2010 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for Turbulence web site. It was supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.


Adam Trowbridge explores the aesthetic possibilities that arise as communication breaks down. His work has been featured nationally and internationally including The Grey Market and Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Pleasure Dome, Toronto; The Hyde Park Center, Chicago, IL; and festivals in France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, and Russia.

Jessica Westbrook?s projects explore desire, visual cues, cultural artifacts, systems, language, and contradictory sensations that vacillate between great fortune and impending catastrophe. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally including recent and upcoming projects for: gli.tc/h/ Chicago, Nature/Nurture Kinsey Institute, Carnegie Museum, and Experimental Media Series Hirshhorn Museum of American Art Smithsonian Institute.

Trowbridge and Westbrook work with the group Basekamp on Plausible Artworlds, a project to collect and share knowledge about alternative models of creative practice.


Susan Hiller, Lucidity and Intuition: Homage to Gertrude Stein, 2011

quote from Criticisms...click here 'What could be more uncanny than neat piles of books actually underneath a desk, if not neat piles of books on a decidedly uncanny subject? In this case, automatic writing.
For Gertrude Stein, to whom this sculpture is intended as a homage, the books represent a return of the repressed. The writer went from experimenting with the technique to denying it existed
The binder on the work surface contains her postgraduate work on the topic, with an introduction by Susan Hiller. This is the dry, public facing side of the work, the writer and perhaps the artist too.
But the subterranean library is where you’ll find the action. Suddenly we have colour. Those books give the sculpture a transgressive energy. They fly in the face of reason.
For me, the most unheimlich thing of all was to notice who gave Hiller her first books about Stein. According to her introduction it was Tom Verlaine. I assume that’s the singer and guitarist.
His former band Television looms much larger in my imagination than the towering figure of 20th century art and letters to whom this piece is dedicated. Although I probably feel they shouldn’t.
Ironic that one of my earliest influences should have found its way into this piece about suppressed artistic sources. Not that I would ever disown my love of that whole New York punk scene.
I wouldn’t want to come home to find a poltergeist had bricked up my desk with records, after all.
This piece can be seen as part of Susan Hiller: An Ongoing Investigation at Timothy Taylor Gallery until 5 March. See gallery website for more details.
You might also read an interview with the artist by Rachel Cooke in the Guardian and this piece about the show at Tate Britain in the same paper by Rachel Withers.'


The 'problem' (?) with Face to Face

A project by Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico.

Legal update:
After sending us a "cease and desist letter" (which led to making the
website Lovely-Faces.com unavailable), asking us to give them back the
1M publicly available data and terminating our Facebook personal
accounts, Facebook lawyers are continuing to follow up with us. First
they are insisting on asking us to remove all the content from the
Face-to-Facebook.net domain, which is the website documenting the
project. This request sounds quite surreal for us: this website merely
contains a collection of texts, materials and links related to Face-to-
Facebook project. Even more, we have received a threat from Facebook
legal department about the claim that the face-to-facebook.net domain
name is violating Facebook trademark.
So, why should such a big online corporation push a couple of artists
to remove the documentation of their project? Our lawyers are
investigating the legal basis of their request.

Global Mass Media Hack Performance:
Meanwhile, the news went through to more than 1000 media reports,
reaching a wide audience spread all over the globe. Very different
stages were involved like: tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs,
portals and plenty of personal blogs, not counting the thousands of
tweets. The pattern of propagation would need time to be properly
analyzed, but it definitively is "viral", especially in some countries
like Brazil, Pakistan, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine.
There are plenty of captivating scenes in this mass media performance,
like for example the one where 93 per cent of the 7538 participants to
the online poll opened by the Australian newspaper The Age answered
"Yes" to the question "Should Lovely-faces.com require consent to use
your photo?" Maybe that influenced also the blog "Ethics Alarms" to
declare Lovely-Faces.com as "Unethical Website of the Month." And the
controversial aspect of the project has been clearly picked up even by
some popular U.S. TV news (see links below) sometimes resulting as
quite bizarre.

Some selected TV News videos:
* MyFox LA, Los Angeles Fox News Tv
* WSBTV, Atlanta WSB-TV channel 2
* Newsy, Online video news analysis
* Apple daily HK, Taiwan, China, Hong-Kong-based newspaper
* Tagesschau, German public TV ARD channel 1

Some selected online Interviews:
* CNN, US - Art 'hacktivists' take on Facebook:
* 2010LAB (Video), Germany - Facebook and Transmediale - your face is
* Artinfo.com, US - The Artist Who's Out to Liberate Facebook:
* Artline, Switzerland - Sculptors of data - Die Daten-Bildhauer
* Jetzt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany - Feldzug gegen Facebook:
* Politika, Serbia, newspaper
* Ha'aretz, Israel, newspaper

Exhibitions and presentations of Face to Facebook during April:
* Share Conferences, presentation , Belgrade - Serbia
* ENTER Festival, exhibition & presentation, Prague - Czech Republic
* Chilling Effects, exhibition & presentation at TETEM, Enschede - The
* REALITYFLOWHACKED, exhibition, Paolo Cirio's solo show at Aksioma |
Project Space, Ljubljana - Slovenja
* EMAF 2011, presentation, Osnabrück - Germany

Latest edition of Furthernoise out-

Furthernoise issue April 2011

"Unfathomless (U01) ~Tsukubai~" (feature)
Parallel to the ongoing Mystery Sea series, with its ?night ocean
drones? and related metaphorical psycho-activity, Daniel Crokaert has
inaugurated a sister label. Unfathomless seeks to mine potentially wider
and deeper audio-documentary veins - natural, man-made, fictive, as well
as other related environmental experiences implicating memory and senses.
feature by Alan Lockett

""rivages sur l'antipode" - d'incise" (review)
Releasing yet another fine objet d'art of metaphorical antipodesian
soundscapes, the ini.itu imprint have once again reinforced their unique
take on experimental global sound. ?Ravages sur l?antipode? by d?incise,
aka Laurent Peter is something akin to a palmiset of southern sound,
review by Roger Mills

"Arctic Summits - Netherworld" (review)
Netherworld's stated working method is to start from tiny fragments of
classical music and various other kinds of field recordings and found
sounds, manipulated and processed to evoke polar silences. The results
often include lush harmonies, whose surface calm contains touches of
grit that provide a surreal undercurrent in his ever-shifting arctic
review by Caleb Deupree

"Crossing Of Shadows" (review)
Previously orchestramaxfieldparrish has navigated interstices between
ambient, drone and neo-classical, dealing in a blend of ritual, drone
and post-Gothic colourings and wispy atmospherics. A questing
sensibility issues here in a turning away from repetition of gestures.
What once was was restless with experiment, now seems more restrained.
review by Alan Lockett

"Unfathomless (U02) ~Tactile.Surface~" (review)
Unfathomless (U02): A choreography of the chthonic constitutes much of
this engaging excursion. Sources for Tactile.Surface were recorded in
diverse settings: Turra?s room in Schio, Italy, and one of McFall?s
trips from Kansas to Colorado. Their combined aesthetic is one of stark
isolationism, with a mix of familiar components bringing new timbral
skin to the old ceremony.
review by Alan Lockett

"Unfathomless (U03) ~Lack Affix~" (review)
Unfathomless (U03): Built upon the grouping of field recordings from
Maryland, Washington D.C. and Argentina. Nicholas Szczepanik & Juan José
Calarco traded field recordings in constructing this glowering but not
inhospitable collage, processing and mixing audio spoils from their
respective areas jointly into a work of substantial clarity and
particulate involvement.
review by Alan Lockett

"Unfathomless (U04) ~Lignes d?erre & Randons~" (review)
Unfathomless (U04): continuing the pursual of grimly fluid,
introspective, subterranean drone, a style that's become increasingly
widespread as others follow where Daniel Crokaert et al. lead. There are
few, though, as proficient as Kassel Jaeger, who augments the house
style, widening the palette through inclusion of electronics, and
deepening interaction with source material.
review by Alan Lockett

"Unfathomless (U05) ~Zeltini~" (review)
Unfathomless (U05): Revenant is an open-membership project involving a
number of specialists of location recording. Zeltini's eponymous
environment is an abandoned Soviet army base in a Latvian forest - large
horizontal bunkers where missiles were stored, one of which was used in
a semi-transcendental experience in which the participants dispersed in
almost total darkness.
review by Alan Lockett

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise