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Beautiful sound machines

... work by renowned European sound sculpture artist, Peter Vogel. The Sound of Shadows, curated by Faculty of Arts academics Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson, features a significant number of Vogel's important works - interactive objects, which respond to the movements of gallery visitors.

At the exhibition’s core are two innovative and interactive large-scale works, the Sound Wall and the Shadow Orchestra, together with smaller sound and light kinetic sculptures.

Vogel’s work inhabits the boundaries between fine art practices and performance traditions. It questions established relationships between sculpture and sound, seeing and hearing, the static and the live. They refuse to align with any single artistic movement, yet resonate with the aims of many.

Composer and sound artist, Dr Nye Parry, describes Vogel's pieces as “beautiful sound machines” which “ask new questions about the relationship between the spectator and the aesthetic object that bring it right up to date with contemporary artistic and philosophical enquiry.”