ROOM40 ... delivering sound parcels from the antipodes since the turn of the century and Carchesio's scores

and I quote them here ..."ROOM40 is a label and multi-arts organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2000, ROOM40 has released over 50 high quality editions and multiples in the fields of electronics, improvisation, experimental-pop and sound-art. Curated by Lawrence English, the label continues to publish in and around the margins of each of these fields drawing on a diverse roster of both established and emergent sound-makers. ROOM40 also produces numerous events, festivals and exhibitions in Australia and beyond".

Click HERE for news events and good goodies. This is a Brisbane based site, fabulous sound work and offers... heres one now, look up look down

A beautiful edition of 20 for ROOM40 from acclaimed artist Eugene Carchesio - Several of these have already sold. Please email lawrence directly - lawrence@room40.org - for purchasing details... Each edition comes with a copy of the re-issue of D.N.E.'s 47 Songs Humans Shouldn't Sing.


sfSound Radio ubeautiii


a project of sfSound,

sfSoundRadio is an internet radio station that showcases experimental, improvised, electronic, contemporary composition, and other forms of music from the san francisco bay area


+ live concert recordings

+ works for a broadcast/fixed medium by bay area musicians

+ music from bay area labels

+ recordings of music/musicians recently performed, soon to be performed, or never performed in the bay area

+ classic recordings of new and experimental music

+ other unusual/unexpected sounds and oddities


Brilliant voice pieces on Insides Out .............................. heres a little taste





and a quote by the sound/voice/artist...."The issues I deal with as a sound/performance artist are highly self-exploratory. I feel it necessary, as a human, to fully expose my internal happenings, feelings, seeds of thought, to metaphorically turn my insides out, with no censorship or editing. This leads my work to push personal realms into the public sphere. Thus far, much of my work presents highly intimate, emotive, yet ephemeral qualities that aim to touch the subconscious first, rather than the observer's analytical mind"...go girrl


From WFMU Voices of the possessed children

quote from WFMU... "The Okkulte Stimmen box set on Suppose is one helluva document of paranormal recordings dating as far back as 1905, and I have to say I haven't been sucked into voyeuristic audio pleasure this way since someone sent me that box of Cellular Hellular tapes years ago. Eavesdropping on the dead! Channelled Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, and Chopin, exploding cups, Houdini seances, tranced out breathing and speaking in alien toungues, all compiled neatly in this 3 CD box with booklet with plenty of information about assorted Edison theories on the paranormal, info on devices created for these recordings and recounting the experiences themselves of hearing them live. Apparently, Andy Kaufman is supposed to announce he's alive this Sunday according to some, so he's not on this collection. From 1978, 13 year old Margaret from Entfield, England and her poltergeist: "Voices of Possessed Children" (MP3)."

Scary baby laugh alot


MySpace.com - Eaten By Children - London, UK - Experimental / Industrial / Electronica - www.myspace.com/eatenbychildren

MySpace.com - Eaten By Children - London, UK - Experimental / Industrial / Electronica - www.myspace.com/eatenbychildren

with the d'Irene...sweet irene

For more of Irene's story click here (below is a quote from her about page)

irene.jpg Mi chiamo Irene. My name is Irene. Sono nata trent’anni fa e vivo in una grande città del nord Italia. I was born thirty years ago and live in a large city in northern Italy. Ho avuto una vita sentimentale piuttosto tortuosa, almeno sin dal mio primo matrimonio, quando appena ventenne uscii di casa per cercare la libertà; trovai invece la noia. I had a rather tortuous love life, at least since my first marriage, when just twenty uscii home to seek freedom, instead found boredom. Dopo un anno ho abbandonato il mio primo marito e ho cominciato a girare l’Europa. After a year I abandoned my first husband and I started to run Europe. Ogni porto un amante, cento amanti, in gruppo. Each port a lover, a hundred lovers, as a group. Per un paio di anni ho fatto l’attrice in film porno. For a couple of years I did the actress in porno films. Si guadagnava bene e ho imparato molte cose; soprattutto ho imparato l’alienazione; ho imparato come nel porno il sesso è mercificato, ridotto a prestazione. It earned good and I learned many things, I learned above all the alienation, as I learned in porno sex is merchandise, a reduced benefit. Poi, dopo una lite col regista (il mio secondo marito), ho deciso di mollare tutto e di concedermi solo per il mio gusto personale. Then, after a dispute with the director (my second husband), I decided to give everything and give me only for my personal taste. E senza la mediazione del denaro. And without the mediation of money. Ai miei amanti ho sempre chiesto solo trasparenza (è incredibile come il maschio, quando scopa, sia affetto da balbuzie). Nel frattempo studiavo, finché mi sono laureata con una tesi sull’ erotismo in G. To my fans I have ever asked transparency (it's amazing how the male, when mop, suffers from Balbuzie). Meanwhile studying until I graduated with a thesis on 'eroticism in G. Bataille, di cui mi è rimasta impressa la relazione tra ogni forma di sessualità e la poesia. Ho cominciato a scrivere. Bataille, which impressed me was the relationship between all forms of sexuality and poetry. I started to write. E ho continuato a esagerare col sesso, da sola, con altre donne, con molti uomini, in gruppo, sempre nel rispetto dell’altro, sempre nella reciprocità e nella condivisione. E ogni volta godendo e facendo dell’amore un arte. And I continued to exaggerate with sex, alone, with other women, with many people, in groups, always with respect for others, always in reciprocity and sharing. And every time enjoying and making an art of love. Qui troverete alcune tracce di questa mia dimensione. E nient’altro. Facciamo l’alba insieme, abbracciati, penetrati uno dentro l’altra. Here's some traces of my size. And nothing else. Let the dawn together, embraced, penetrated an inside another. Io sono Shérézade, scopo sino all’alba, poi taccio sino alla sera successiva. I am Shérézade, end up at dawn, then taccio until the next evening. Il mio corpo è il mio racconto. My body is my story".

quote taken from 'Irene's' blog...Irene is quite a gal, as a character she is quite a character. The translations (via google) add another layer to her voice.


Speak by Tor Janson

"all other animals use one call for one message as the general principle of communication. this means that the number of possible messages is very restricted. if a new message is to be included in the system, a new sound has to be introduced too. after the first few tens of sounds it becomes difficult to invent new distinctive sounds, and also to remember them for the next time they are needed.

human speech builds on the principle of combining a restricted number of sounds into an unlimited number of messages. in a typical human language there are something like thirty or forty distinctive speech sounds. these sounds can be combined into chains to form a literally unlimited number of words...

in addition to this human languages also allow several words to be combined into an utterance. through this process we are able to create an infinite number of sentences with even a small number of words. this basic property of (human) languages allows them to express ideas that can be as complex and as subtle as anyone wants. the system has no theoretical limits as to what messages can be conveyed. in principle everything can be said."

voice of the poet

'the discarded voice of the poet...another post borrowed from Sroden's artform archives click here more info below


'i haven't run much in the way of sound on the blog for a while, but the discovery of this library "discard" a few weeks ago seemed ideal for such a rainy morning. a few months ago i posted a 78 of a reading of a vachel lindsay poem by norman corwin, a radio guy. today's post features a recent find of a 78 of one of lindsay's poems read by the poet himself. lindsay's reading is pretty incredible and it is interesting to compare the connects and disconnects with this and corwin's reading of lindsay's work.

lindsay's voice and performance are grittier, sounding ever more like harry partch. you can even hear him clear his throat once or twice giving one the feeling that the incantation/singing must've taken considerable effort, which brings it down to a very human level.

take a peek at that older post for a picture of lindsay because his voice and inflections so match the photo incredibly. there are many moments in this scratchy beat to hell piece of shellac that his words dissolve into simple voice rhythms that are quite beautiful, and i'd recommend listening to it very soft so it sounds more like mumbling than words; although the words themselves are quite wonderful, and from his epic poem the chinese nightingale.

since we've got an uncharacteristic rain storm going on in pasadena this morning, including some seriously ominous dark clouds, and loud pattering drops, the image of a small chinese nightingale birthed from lindsay's voice makes for quite a morning...

click here to listen'

that previous post Roden mentions is here

this is the order of the music of the morning...

vachel lindsay

norman corwin reads american poetry

'i had initially thought that the short spoken poems on this columbia 78 were spoken by the poets themselves, until i noticed norman corwin's name on both sides of the label... fortunately, this beautiful excerpt from vachel lindsay's poem 'the santa fe trail', stellarly spoken by "america's poet laureate of radio" was a more than pleasant surprise.

lindsay's word forms and corwin's diction feels like the sounds of trains, and sounds like a combination of sound poetry, hillbilly music, and even a bit like the beats. lindsay suggested that while reading the piece, one should inject 'one third of music added by instinct'. he also mentions the poem as an experiment to carry the 'vaudeville form back towards the old greek precedent of the half chanted lyric' (an idea that not only comes through in the reading here, but resonates a bit with the ideas of harry partch).

the image of lindsay comes from a blog devoted to him, which is not only interesting but much more obsessive than a wikipedia entry...

click here to listen.'

In between noise blog- the sound of writing and making noise with the hands

the sound of writing...borowed from here

jean claude moineau flexi

'sound from a blank white flexi disc housed in the back of a 1968 french concrete poetry magazine called approches. the disc is by jean-claude moineau. the description is in french, which i can't read, so i translated it based on how the words looked and sounded:

place the disc and listen in tranquility and attentiveness. you never stop kissing and understanding. faithful attention to only those sounds that are very different, like anxious skies seeking acoustic matter with their eyes. listen to the pleasures frozen in this disc. kisses, voices, birds - all are measured and reconstructed through certain passages of sound, constantly reinvented. an A note. these names and bruises are intended to be personal. a million tongues and lips now closed. essays don't have moisture.

remember aloud the disc's pronouncement of phrases. a haunted voice, the same temperature as a speaker, and one exercise sufficiently passes. begin again, with your own pronunciation soiled, yet correct. insist that essays are written in phrases that can be spoken. your position reduces the whiteness of your appearance reborn in the air surrounding this disc.

the disc is comprised of the sounds of various methods of making words with hands. click here to listen'.

Sroden - alias Steve Roden...houses a beautiful sound based poetic archive of inspiration for his work on this site. His interest in sound and bees and the odd keeps ve-erbrating in my ' ears of a day away from the screen'. His web site, for his drawing/installation work is here.


Great Blog disquiet ambient/electronica

Disquiet click HERE
Reflections on ambient/electronic music and interviews with the people who make it

blue music

A cyanotype exposed by Christian Marclay to unwound cassette tapes. It’s one of several works displayed at Paula Cooper Gallery in Manhattan recently (September 4 - October 11). More details at paulacoopergallery.com