ROOM40 ... delivering sound parcels from the antipodes since the turn of the century and Carchesio's scores

and I quote them here ..."ROOM40 is a label and multi-arts organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2000, ROOM40 has released over 50 high quality editions and multiples in the fields of electronics, improvisation, experimental-pop and sound-art. Curated by Lawrence English, the label continues to publish in and around the margins of each of these fields drawing on a diverse roster of both established and emergent sound-makers. ROOM40 also produces numerous events, festivals and exhibitions in Australia and beyond".

Click HERE for news events and good goodies. This is a Brisbane based site, fabulous sound work and offers... heres one now, look up look down

A beautiful edition of 20 for ROOM40 from acclaimed artist Eugene Carchesio - Several of these have already sold. Please email lawrence directly - lawrence@room40.org - for purchasing details... Each edition comes with a copy of the re-issue of D.N.E.'s 47 Songs Humans Shouldn't Sing.

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