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jean claude moineau flexi

'sound from a blank white flexi disc housed in the back of a 1968 french concrete poetry magazine called approches. the disc is by jean-claude moineau. the description is in french, which i can't read, so i translated it based on how the words looked and sounded:

place the disc and listen in tranquility and attentiveness. you never stop kissing and understanding. faithful attention to only those sounds that are very different, like anxious skies seeking acoustic matter with their eyes. listen to the pleasures frozen in this disc. kisses, voices, birds - all are measured and reconstructed through certain passages of sound, constantly reinvented. an A note. these names and bruises are intended to be personal. a million tongues and lips now closed. essays don't have moisture.

remember aloud the disc's pronouncement of phrases. a haunted voice, the same temperature as a speaker, and one exercise sufficiently passes. begin again, with your own pronunciation soiled, yet correct. insist that essays are written in phrases that can be spoken. your position reduces the whiteness of your appearance reborn in the air surrounding this disc.

the disc is comprised of the sounds of various methods of making words with hands. click here to listen'.

Sroden - alias Steve Roden...houses a beautiful sound based poetic archive of inspiration for his work on this site. His interest in sound and bees and the odd keeps ve-erbrating in my ' ears of a day away from the screen'. His web site, for his drawing/installation work is here.

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