From WFMU Voices of the possessed children

quote from WFMU... "The Okkulte Stimmen box set on Suppose is one helluva document of paranormal recordings dating as far back as 1905, and I have to say I haven't been sucked into voyeuristic audio pleasure this way since someone sent me that box of Cellular Hellular tapes years ago. Eavesdropping on the dead! Channelled Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, and Chopin, exploding cups, Houdini seances, tranced out breathing and speaking in alien toungues, all compiled neatly in this 3 CD box with booklet with plenty of information about assorted Edison theories on the paranormal, info on devices created for these recordings and recounting the experiences themselves of hearing them live. Apparently, Andy Kaufman is supposed to announce he's alive this Sunday according to some, so he's not on this collection. From 1978, 13 year old Margaret from Entfield, England and her poltergeist: "Voices of Possessed Children" (MP3)."

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Anonymous said...

Wow. that sounds fansastic! Thanks for the pointer.
Paul Baker