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Daisy 2000 voice synthesised project

Bicycle Built for Two Thousand from Aaron on Vimeo.

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Bicycle Built For 2,000 is comprised of 2,088 voice recordings collected via Amazon's Mechanical Turk web service. Workers were prompted to listen to a short sound clip, then record themselves imitating what they heard.

Why this song? The song "Daisy Bell," originally written by Harry Dacre in 1892, was

made famous in 1962 by John Kelly, Max Mathews, and Carol Lockbaum as the first example of musical speech synthesis. In contrast to the 1962 version, Bicycle Built For 2,000 was synthesized with a distributed system of human voices from all over the world.


The foot of God grinding my head into the ground on Tuesday at 3.15 before the blue cup passes while I hollar margarine!!

Wood-eating woman tells a joke to distract three men sharing the last chair in creation in alternative chairless dot universe.

Imaging Imagination: Diagrams of Humor & the Center of Levity, 1878
JF Ptak Science Books LLC Post 98

Acerbic and punctilious, this work by an anonymous (Ambrose Bierce-like) late 19th-century cataloger of human-ness attempted to diagramaitcally display the sharing of humor among people. The resulting images--all unexplained, not indexed, and left to a logical imagination--fit very nicely into a developing section on this blog called Maps and Diagrams of Imagination and Ideas.


The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir

'I couldn't hear my own footsteps...'

'The Endless Night: a Valentine to Film Noir' was assembled by Serena Bramble, a 20-year-old studying psychology at Santa Rose Junior College.

Click here to read more about Ms. Bramble, the festival and its highlights.

91.9 from dustin hostetler on Vimeo.


Baby Autotune

Bringing Up Baby special effects - Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant


lessons in throat singing

Tanya Tagaq and throating scores

this is interesting re early voice recordings and big brother is listening

During the early 30s a government survey compiled by eminent doctors created alarm and despair when it was pointed out that young people were listening to a strange type of music played by black people in the deep south.
This music called the BLUES was deemed to be the cause of the breakdown of the moral fibre amongst young people between the ages of 12 and 27 (the Irving Schallander social report on the working classes 1932)
whilst secret meetings went on late into the night (Hansard 1932) and government ministers became more and more agitated, the specialist police department SO19 at new Scotland yard followed and observed many thousands of young people and made notes and reports on their erratic behavior.
LCC schools were also consulted and it was deemed by parliament and some of the great thinkers of the day (Bertram Russell) that to attempt to stop the influx of 78RPM records of this type of music and the music sheets also available ,would simply drive the movement underground
some of the leaders of this new wave music were traced in the United States by the G men of Edward Hoover men such as Walter Bandycoot Edmunds, Blind Willie nelson and Thelonius Monk
the great minds came up with a plan itself a masterpiece and the blueprint of many modern social orders still in use today.
Outside night clubs, pubs, houses of ill repute and near to railway stations and tram stops and public toilets were sited the "Graham Triton " audio handset.
Music of the deep southern type was played remotely via these units using the return path of the GPO public telephone network.
In this way the Government of the day could control the music and monitor the tastes of the youth and those deemed to be in danger of persecution.
A notice was printed in the daily papers such as the Jamaican weekly gleaner the Memphis times and the Shetland and skerries news that a contest was to be made open to all.
You merely had to listen to the music at these street units and then sing along to the latest tune
after which an operator took your name and entered you into a free talent show where your voice would be heard on the radio to millions of others.
This allowed the government to easily build up a database of the fragile of mind, the intellectually challenged, the criminal types, and the vain and easily influenced.
The grand finals were held at that lovely old Edwardian music hall Farks hall.
On the first night 15 thousand people lined up to enter and listen the the competitors.
The first Farks hall talent show was deemed a roaring success and the proletariat of the day never realized how easily the government of the day had manipulated them.
Gradually new types of music were introduced by the use of large prizes and offers of fame, and the Blues movement became an isolationist movement listened to only by the devout few in small smoky clubs and watched over by SO19.
the original contestants have long departed this life but amongst older members of the London public the comment you got Farkes hall talent is still heard even today.
... how easily is our language molded .

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pattern for smartness!!!!!

in real life

oh jane... in stripes


Dramatizes the story of a father, who, after finding himself at a loss for words at a public meeting, follows his son's lead and starts a campaign of vocabulary improvement.

out of the inkwell and mischief by Max Fleischer


poem and poetics Mandelstam radio play

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oh dear ... God and Australia!!! Australian Air Travelers' Laptops To Be Searched For Porn.

Since last Sept, Australian customs officers have been given new powers to search incoming travelers' laptops and mobile phones for pornography, a spokeswoman for the Australian sex industry says. In fact it must be declared now on custom forms on entering the country...

Fiona Patten, president of the Australian Sex Party, is demanding an inquiry into why a new question appears on Incoming Passenger Cards asking people if they are carrying "pornography". Note not child pornography or illegal pornography--- but pornography. What about erotica, what about photos of my mother sunbathing? What about the fact that child porn is passed everyday across the INTERNET!!! Entering the country by the www, yep hard to believe that little box with a screen on it has a device in it that can send things across borders- invisibly...

Patten said officials now had an unfettered right to examine travelers'
electronic devices, marking the beginning of a new era of official investigation into people's private lives. She questioned whether it was appropriate to search people for legal R18+ and X18+ material.

Next it will be dirty thoughts ... this is a grosely stupid 'solution' to the problem of child porn.

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I sang for ... canada

Copy of girl eyes





PRESS + from ducroz on Vimeo.

Really nice animation where each frame has been printed out on paper. I like the way that the virtual graphics have been made more tangible. Hopefully it won't be long until e-ink looks this good!
Made by Benjamin Ducroz (....>>>ducroz.com)
Spotted on: CreativeApplications.Net

Color a Sound from blair neal on Vimeo.

Always liked the idea of using an overhead projector for a sequencer, glad to see one in action!
Project by Blair Neal
[via: MAKE]


hijacked noise from EAGEAG EAG

the following quote and pictures were hijacked from EAGEAGEAG click here for more goodies...

Noise is...

"Noise serves as a chronometric marker and carrier. By distancing us from the event, noise tends toward the quality of memory."

"While the sounds of particular noises (e.g., turntable rumble) may be historically referential, their inherent effect as noises also locates the signal in the past described above-a generic rather than chronologically specific one. A noisy signal finds itself in an eternal, absolute, and ageless past. Its tethering to that generic foretime induces the experience of a further vivid component of noised listening. Namely, noise evokes origin. As a layer between listener/
document and document/event, noise forms a substantive thread from the scene of the event to that of the listener and back. Noise incites the listener's attention back towards the object, inviting our participation in the derivation of our experience. By manifesting the cardinal quality of inception in the motivation towards it, noise fosters the encounter with the primacy itself of a "source.""

"[N]oise is the suggestion of signification beneath a non-signifying agency. Noise is a style of distance-a distance that can be meaningfully confused or exchanged with location, memory, presence, absence, temporality, and experience."

All quotes and illustrations from:

The Work of Reproduction in the Mechanical Aging of an Art: Listening to Noise
Author(s): Stan Link
Source: Computer Music Journal, Vol. 25, No. 1, Aesthetics in Computer Music (Spring, 2001),
pp. 34-47
Published by: The MIT Press

Morrisa Maltz – Let Me Tell You Something Important -goood

let me tell you something important

Scenes of provincial life loop

Lovely looping sound/visual pieces 'from life'!!! by michael click here