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Noise is...

"Noise serves as a chronometric marker and carrier. By distancing us from the event, noise tends toward the quality of memory."

"While the sounds of particular noises (e.g., turntable rumble) may be historically referential, their inherent effect as noises also locates the signal in the past described above-a generic rather than chronologically specific one. A noisy signal finds itself in an eternal, absolute, and ageless past. Its tethering to that generic foretime induces the experience of a further vivid component of noised listening. Namely, noise evokes origin. As a layer between listener/
document and document/event, noise forms a substantive thread from the scene of the event to that of the listener and back. Noise incites the listener's attention back towards the object, inviting our participation in the derivation of our experience. By manifesting the cardinal quality of inception in the motivation towards it, noise fosters the encounter with the primacy itself of a "source.""

"[N]oise is the suggestion of signification beneath a non-signifying agency. Noise is a style of distance-a distance that can be meaningfully confused or exchanged with location, memory, presence, absence, temporality, and experience."

All quotes and illustrations from:

The Work of Reproduction in the Mechanical Aging of an Art: Listening to Noise
Author(s): Stan Link
Source: Computer Music Journal, Vol. 25, No. 1, Aesthetics in Computer Music (Spring, 2001),
pp. 34-47
Published by: The MIT Press



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