Sound squared to new dimentions...atom atom atom

“Tenori-on is a sequencer styled electonic music instrument developed by Yamaha. The instrument has been developed in collaboration with media artist Toshio Iwai in order to design a new digital musical instrument for the 21st century.” via analogik.com
Atom playing listen for the jazz beat and syncopations

Sachiko Kodama's ferrofluids and sound

Ferrofluids are so amazing, above video showcasing how it reacts to the sound.
Sachiko Kodama made an impressive art out of it, and in next step she created new experience Morpho Tower to make it easier for people to see what ferrofluid are capable of…

Take a look at Morpho Tower and nice interview with Sachiko Kodama

from cyberspace nova

Daito Manabe and the singing face!!