sister act onstage with dolls and sound

20-minute *karaokecore cabaret*_ by sister0 click here

mutant dolls & curiosa embedded with hacked gamepads are played like instruments to divine samples and modify vocals; playful ode to the history of paraphernalia...

'Set on a small makeshift stage reminiscent of early 20thC fun fairs, Nancy appears right at the center of the action dressed in a dress which appears to be composed from as many sources of material as the rest of the stage. Everything seems to have come right from a Mad max movie heavily impregnated with very colorful trash aesthetics. Using the various devices intended to produced audio glitches, she manipulates a set of prerecorded pop songs as well as her own voice live on stage."
Florian Cramer and Anke Arns (2007)

fantasticosa!!!! great stuff!!!

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