a perambulation ofBlu’
Levina’s ethical relation to alterity
a dialogue (in the making) between self and mine other

blue /blu:/ adj., 1 having a colour like that of a clear blue sky. 2 sad, depressed; (of a state of affairs) gloomy, dismal (feel blue: blue times) 3 indecent, pornographic (a blue film) (blue business) 4 with bluish skin through cold, fear, anger etc. 5 having blue as a distinguishing colour (blue jay) (blue day) -n. 1) a blue colour of pigment ie, blue colour 2) blue cloths or material (dressed in blue) 6 any of the various small blue-coloured butterflies of the family Lycaenidae 7 blue powder used as a laundry powder to whiten laundry…in a dress...in a shirt…blue cuffs, collar blue folds blue sky blue quilt, blue noses blue stockings, 7 blue thumbs, deep holes in the ocean, frames of cyanosis…blue moons blue tunes…, 8 the underneath is blue… …beyond blue…everything empty…blue prose…slang slung…blue thoughts postures gestures blue words pictures…tattoos…love. inside a grove. a groove…faded violet…milk on a lip…a cord, freezing cheeks in …sea-berries, I iris’s, pale moons on nails…of the vein that runs up inside blood now…blue…to the body
9 veils to
heaven is too
blue, blue collection blue love…in relation

itself…palest blue baby blue, light blue, blue, pearl blue, grey, powder blue, azure, bluebell… cerulean, cerulean, cornflower, forget –me-not, lapiz-lazuli, sure. Sapphire blue, skyblue, cobalt copenhagen blue true, ultramarine, deep blue, gentian blue, indigo, perse, royal blue, navy blue-black, navy blue, slate, steel blue, nile blue, saxe blue …prussian…, cyanin, indican, indophenol, induline, smalt, thenard’s blue, true blue cold, cyanine, ice-blue pavonine, sapphirine, woaded, azure, azury, bluish cyanotic…black blue… livid, slaty blueness, bluishness bice...bite it off

take-make love
intimacricies, sliced held down up close to an eye cut cut cutting… cutting into fine
intensives with a cut to pull out the gap from 2D. to three then into the gap the round literally foreshortened…paraphrased as accord to lantern up to pull down and from
inside inside the outerside-slyde…

with presence given and taken away in one…like her you her…you have him not
with presence…error, fight…bruised seen, obscene, out of tune underdone undone…hole in the heart
blue eyed blue eyed blue print

impossible underneath, in the crack up under the arm close up folds the opened back to flat a little forward…blackblank lanterns folded into refraction’s carapace…eidola…consola
a…bility to strive fortoward as a space in the body’s in-ability to in-habit in them…
co-habitation enunciation

There is no one blue of substance no gesture enough to fondle love…so it is. Sooooooooooooooooo
Mr Rilke wrote…love requires a progressive foreshortening of the senses: I can see you for miles, I can hear you for blocks, I can smell you maybe, for a few feet but I can only touch on contact, taste as I devour. And as we blend, sight the sovereign sense and concepts chief content…blurs. The lover …is in such splendid danger just because she must depend upon the co-ordination of her senses for she knows that they (all) must meet in the unique and risky centre, in which, renouncing all extinction, they come together and have no permanence.

Displacement… blue the word the colour the condition the act continue to contain one another
The hand would touch lovers skin shapes allstead a blue cut through with blue.

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