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Cyclic evolution of a discourse
by Voldemars Johansons, Daniil Umanski, Federico Sangati A circular loop of several computer agents equipped with automated speech recognition (ASR) systems and speech synthesis functions. An agent speaks out a message while the next one listens and passes the interpretation on to the next agent in circle. The messages are exchanged acoustically in the air and thus are vulnerable both to any noise occurring in the space.

Expanded Eye
by Anaisa Franco
Expanded Eye is an interactive light sculpture composed by a big transparent eye sculpture suspended from the ceiling; the big eye looks to the user, but it's in fact user's eye which is projected. The sculpture recognizes the user's eye blinking and generates an interactive animation based on it. Each blink of the user multiplies the number of eyes in the projection in a fragmented, hexagonal and dislocated way.

by Pall Thayer
Exist.pl is an exploration of the metaphysical and ontological qualities of a computer program. It is designed as an introspective analysis conducted by the program itself, producing no output in the process. It begins with a Cartesian reduction. Through a traditional version-based evolution of software, a single program is provided with increasingly complex methods for examining and perhaps understanding its own existence and state of being.

Hello Process!
by Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk
hello process shows a machine doing what it does best, deleting, copying and moving blocks of data. The installation consists solely of a computer and a printer. The computer functions as it usually does, as a black box theatre of processes. The only output comes through the printer, giving us clues about the activity inside, while in the background, the raw noise of the machine creates a sound scape, a sonification of this theatre of naive computation.

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