Notations 21 fabuloso collection of scores

web site here


WTFMusic.org said...

This is a wonderful blog.
I just spent way too much time getting into all the goodies. And I haven't even gotten past the first page yet!
Thanks for all your hard work!
I be back.

majena mafe said...

thanks WTF, its nice when someone else appreciates your obsessive collection... was thinking at the weekend of closing it down, maybe i just need to tidy up a bit, like your site alot will have a good read soon...

WTFMusic.org said...

Close down?!?
That would be very sad.
Give me some time to go through everything here.
Like a few more years!
I'll start exploring more of your site now.

Thanks for the kind words and mention of wtfmusic.org in your blow.
That's very nice of you!

btw, I'm a big fan of this book we're commenting on . . .

majena mafe said...

ah another score fan... I've been working on scores for sounded-language. They are impossible - they work on the wrong level (to sound) but they inspire further sound events re compositions... I'm mapping a big digital opera (operation ) at present, you? do you work in this area too.... ?