Soundings....the sounds in language and language or experimental writing
are a source of big interest to me. As a frame for experience that is less mediated than written text, I am interested in exploring more of what can be shifted, slipped into and opened out in language though a concentration on the sounds in it.

Ruth Salvaggio in The Sound of Feminist Theory suggests that we pay attention to the sound of language -- something she insists is neither "voice," nor the spoken word, nor metaphor: "I mean the actual effects of sounding, wavering language in critical and theoretical writing -- a distinctive turn toward the oral within the panorama of contemporary thought". Her project is to trace these effects through feminist critical and theoretical writings, which she believes are particularly attuned to the resonances and possibilities of language. Feminist theory, she argues, offers an "indulgence in the transmutive potential of words, their ability to affirm and question and resist and endlessly suggest meanings, to be used for everything they are worth, and more"
I'm interested in seeing it explored in theory yes yes, more please, but also in texts themselves and 'other ' language pieces ie film/sound works. I've been making sound recordings of voice clearings...small films. Interested in seeing how these can be expanded.

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