'call out' for women experimental writers

Hi, I've decided to take this interest/blog of mine a bit further... within 24 hours I have had a surprising amount of feedback to this site, so I've decided to go a step further.

I'm would like to put out the call to women who write
with an experimental/
framework...(I know these terms are problematic, and each term needs an essay or two written on what I mean-but they will do for now) to see who we are and what we are doing. This is both a larger international call and a local one...as Emily Kngwarreye sa
id I paint "the whole lot".

An invitation to make some links between us and us ...

The US leads as the place for this type of exploration into language/writing by women…but I’m pretty determined though to get a community of like minded exploration started here and connected to the writing ideas coming out of the US.

This work needs good conversation, and lots of it and that’s what’s so lacking in the Australian literary scene. Isolation is like silence and so not very helpful. And not the truth (what ever that is) Anyway its not flowing...

I’m thinking that experimental women’s writing coming from the margins of the margins (here) might be able to contribute to the fruitful project, I would like to build connections between us if possible… Any leads… contacts, conferences, connections and comments oh so gratefully collected here…Cheers Majena

ps..."This is emily dressed up...Emily turned the aesthetics of Aboriginal art inside out (or more appropriately outside in). Her revolutionary breakthrough involved a radical change in emphasis—in making the iconography of her stories of secondary importance to their "overall" abstraction. Emily choose to highlight the “emotional content” of her Dreaming stories rather than their specifics, suffusing both symbols and structure beneath sensual passages of dots. The grid of lines, which had served as the bones of her earlier paintings, was gradually obscured altogether, but remained as the inner logic of these middle period compositions". http://www.aboriginal-art.com/desert_pages/utopia

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