Brilliant Generous access to Continental Philosophy texts

This wonderful guy has pulled together pdfs and download frames for a library of contenental texts... right here...its a fabulosso resourse!!

chick here:
Fark Yaralen=Scars of Difference Blog

quote from site
None of the PDFs are my own productions. I've collected them from web (e-mule, avax, libreremo, socialist bros, cross-x, gigapedia..) What I did was thematizing. This blog's project is to create an e-library for a Heideggerian philosophy and Bourdieuan sociology Φ market-created inequalities must be overthrown in order to close knowledge gap. this is an
uprising, do ya punk?"


renc-u-ana said...

thanks a lot for your comments

there will be a psychoanalysis post next month of 30books sth

have a nice jouissance

majena mafe said...

hi renc-u-ana, I meant what I said this is a great service you offer us all. Wondered whether you would include some French Feminist theorists, Irigaray, Cixous, Kristeva and the list goes on?