I'm back

I have been off blog for a while that's like off colour... (not good) I've been writing a stage 2 document which was like pulling hens teeth out of my skin or worse...you get my drift. Trying to squeeeeeze my encyclopedic enthusiasm for all things sound into a nice linear frame, that will not scare the academy off. And I think (fingers crossed) I have done it. No fibs just compression with a big squeeeeeze either end. And now of course since its all done and handed in its all changed. Really truelly started work on the new novel text experimental biography thing, and its flowing well.. extract will appear here soon...it wil be an open text with quotes here there and everywhere, so beware!! no films of late as I've had my head in word yawn soo dry, but a new apple with whizz bang software calls to me calls to me calls to me. So some will arrive spill out soon, below are images that I saw in Germany with my beloved a few years ago of children's drawings that we reproduced(?!?) as photographs. more on this link right here

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