Technophonia essays in sound -extracts of

The following articles are extracted from the Contemporary Sound Arts publication, Essays in Sound 2: Technophonia. CLICK HERE

Hard copies of this journal are available from bookshops or from Multipoint Distributors, PO Box 86 Eastern Mail Centre, Victoria, Australia 3110. tel 61-3-9872-6314, fax 61-3-9877-6319.

Extracts from Essays in Sound 2: Technophonia.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction - Annemarie Jonson
  2. Notes Towards Sound Ecology in the Garden of Listening - Virginia Madsen
  3. Schizochronia: Time in Digital Sound - John Potts
  4. RAFT - Ruark Lewis and Paul Carter; Alexandra Pitsis
  5. Erotic Nostalgia and the Inscription of Desire - Allen S. Weiss
  6. Lost in Space - Shaun Davies
  7. Naum Gabo's Linear Constructions - Densil Cabrera
  8. Before the Beep: A Short History of Voice Mail - Thomas Y. Levin
  9. Exhibitions
  10. Please, Please -- Identify Me! Yuji Sone: Works, Texts and Commentaries - Colin Hood
  11. Who was that Masked Maus? - Norie Neumark
  12. The Sound of a Dream - Niall Lucy

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