upsetting the apple cart

From Consciousness -- Unmoved Mover

"The art of handling these inexorable goings-on is the art of resting on what underlies them ... the art and science of consciously being
the ground that supports all that commotion without itself becoming disturbed in the slightest. Here, you are the bedrock of the world, where it all begins and
where it all ends. Eternally one and the same, you are the Unmoved Mover. The great obstacle is self-satisfaction, absence of need. How much that man loses who, because he is so good at being human, is neverdriven to find out what else he is! He cannot gain even this world if
he loses his soul, which belongs to all the world. It is the worst kind of eccentricity to be so well-balanced that you are never upset in the direction of the Whole".
From: Open to the Source, by Douglas E. Harding. Edited by Richard
Lang. Copyright 2005 by Richard Lang. Reprinted by arrangement with
Inner Directions, Carlsbad, California. in www.InnerDirections.org

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