The Inky Fool and 'Filler Words'

The Inky Fool is a blog about anything to do with the English language with a particular concern for the contortions and convolutions of contemporary cliché and alliteration.

And I quote...'I was once reading what I thought was an utterly awful novel. It was only when I got to page 14 and found the word "drugstore" that I realised that I wasn't reading stilted, rhythmless, English: I was reading very good American.

This, dear reader, is a problem. When you speak you have the advantage both of body and of accent. When you write you do not. Your words, which in your head were a ferocious rant or a bewitching drawl, on the page are lame, dull and denuded of voice.

This problem is also very easily solved. What you need are filler words. Every language has them.....' click here for the FILLERS

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