Rotate the Completor makes a record... Breaking news from his Fan club!!!!!

quote..."My remiss as I have been in possession of the following announcement for a couple of weeks now, I had been waiting for further confirmation from the man himself (R.T.C that is) but have come to the realization that I could be left waiting for some time for a reply.

So here it is the man, the myth, the soon to be stuff of legend, hermits hermit himself Rotate the Completor has agreed to have his album ‘Completed Rotations of the…’ released through the ....Minneapolis.... based record label Roaratorio!!!!

According to the saint that made all of this possible; head of Roaratorio Mr James Lindbloom: R.T.C and his lawyer ‘Rotate the Complawyer’ have agreed to a limited vinyl release of 500 copies with an option for more if need be. R.T.C has also promised to contribute the necessary art work/liner notes for the albums completion, which should be interesting if some of the additions to his tape are to go on. Expectations are currently for an end of year release.

Anyone interested in obtaining a vinyl copy of ‘Completed Rotations of the…’ should contact James through www.roaratorio.com or www.myspace.com/roaratorio. Hurry because I imagine with such a limited release they will be snapped up fairly quickly.

So everyone put your hands together and give Mr Lindbloom a very loud applause for making this all happen. And to all of you out there that ordered his tape, listened to his songs, wrote to me and to him and gave him the encouragement to venture a little out of his shell – thank you. Now if we could just get him to start playing live…

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