"O" Creative Commons Licence

Marc Garret on netbehavior sayd...
Creative Commons Releases "Zero" License.
The CC0 (or CC Zero) tool, which has been in the works since December 2007, was recently quietly released to the public in the format of a full version 1.0.

CC0 is not so much a license as it is a waiver. It is an attempt by the Creative Commons organization to improve upon its public domain dedication system by making it both more international-focused and rectify many of the challenges and problems that come up when trying to simply place a work on the public domain.

The idea is that, rather than licensing your work with certain terms and restrictions, you are instead waiving as many of your rights as possible, including all related rights (including moral rights). Though it isn?t the same as placing a work in the public domain, it would, theoretically, have much the same effect.

The question is how much will the license be used and whether Webmasters, many of which are already wary of the terms CC licenses place on their work, will be willing to waive all of their copyright interest.


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