Ruth Catlow 's list of great netwok'n grrrrls

Ruth Catlow from netbehavior wrote:
Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for your post. It got me thinking about how important the
visibility of other women's work is to me in my daily doings. There is
then something about a lot of this works' basis in networks that makes
me feel much more connected to it than I might be to work of other women
artists. in the meantime I have been thinking about...

Annie Abrahams - for one of my favorite early netart works, Separation

http://bram.org/separation - and for her networked performances
including the multiple series with panoplie

Daphne Dragona - curatorial work with networked consciousness in the
field of games art a - especially the amazing Homo Ludens Ludens at
http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/2008/05/homo-ludens-ludens-quick-conve.php and her work with Personal Cinema

Aurea Harvey - for her part with Entropy8Zuper in early intimate
networked performances http://entropy8zuper.org/wirefire and for Endless
Forest, Tale of Tales's bucolic social screensaver

Mary Flanagan - for her energetic explorations as academic, educator,
artist and programmer at the intersection of games, art and feminism
and exploring collaborative approaches to thinking about values in

Aileen Derieg - her writing about life in the Freie Szene in Linz on the
Furtherfield blog http://blog.furtherfield.org/?q=blog/8 and
translations of writing at the intersection of art, technolgy and social

The De Geuzen crew - Renee Turner, Femke Snelting and Riek Sijbring -
especially for their project Female Icons

Helen Varley Jamieson - for Upstage cyberformance platform

Maja Kalogera - for some great digital artworks, curating exhibitions
and facilitating Upgrade in Zagreb http://www.wowm.org/site_v7/index.php

Kate Southworth- her thinking on feminism/networks and her ongoing
artistic collaboration with Patrick Simon with Glorius Ninth

Ele Carpenter - http://www.elecarpenter.org.uk/ for tech inspired and
facilitated participation with Open Source Embroidery, her curatorial
project exploring artists practice that explores the relationship
between programming for embroidery and computing.

Kate Rich - her imaginative, sideways and wonderfully parasitical
project, Feral Trade, for trading goods along social networks. She has
constructed a live shipping database, The Feral Trade Courier, "for a
freight network running outside commercial systems. The database offers
dedicated tracking of feral trade products in circulation, archives
every shipment and generates freight documents on the fly."

Kale Brandon -For her part (with Kate Rich) in Cube Cola, the first
"open source soft drink" http://sparror.cubecinema.com/cube/cola and
(with Heath Bunting) in Border Xing

Jess Loseby - her net art http://www.rssgallery.com/ and various contributary projects especially Angry Women - Disturb the Peace

Lucy Eyers - her work on the first Node.London season of media art
http://nodel.org and the low-fi netart locator http://www.low-fi.org.uk
and commissions

Liza Haskel - early work in collaborative media art practices involving
critical engagement in the politics of technology

Francesca da Rimini/Gashgirl - early dirty cyberfeminism and current
exploratory work on "small media, soft ecologies"

Hannah Higgins - her book Fluxus Experience - not strictly technological
but so closely connected in my mind to a more connected and distributed
art experience

Lucy Lippard -for dematerialization of the art object, for offering
precursory context for net art but mainly for articulating the tensions
for women artists looking to work with parity in a patriarchal, market
driven art world

Susy Gablick - her book Conversations before the end of time (not
overtly technological -but somehow contextual)

Sadie Plant - her books 'Zeros and Ones' and though not strictly
technological, her book 'The Most Radical Gesture' about Situationism
seems relevant too

Finally I just have to slip Bjork in there for all of her songs which
are full of blips and bleeps and glitches and technical experimentations
and for her video with Chris Cunningham - All is Full of Love

Of course there are lots of others and I am resisting the temptation to
add in a list of honorary women (yes men!)

Finally I am excited by the prospect of attending Eclectic Tech Carnival
this year in September http://eclectictechcarnival.org/node/864 for a
"gathering of women interested in technology". It seems like a great
thing. Perhaps you should come too:)

love and peace

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