Via Error- 48 Variations of Dante Variations (variations of caroline bergvall (of dante))

Error lay at the source of all change, all species experiment. It was the author of all the still emerging undesignable variations on life… The ability of traits to persist in stillness. Evolution is the exception, stability the rule…yet faulty copying (of generic information) is the only agency for change…Species laugh off the most rigorous hierarchy… The aim is to widen the target, to embrace more than was possible before.

- misquoted Richard Powers, The Gold Bug Variations
   by using the word generic in stead of genetic.

… who works at his (her) own word in all of our sentences might trick from even the ruts of once ritual the buts and mistakes that token the actual. The poet as maker frees the thing from the prophets.

- Robert Duncan, footnote to “Letters for Denise Leverton; An A Muse Ment”

 - quoted from Kathleen Fraser’s essay Faulty Copying from Translating the Unspeakable, Poetry and the Innovative Necessity.

1.along the jouney ofour life half way
I found myself along the jouney in a darwood where the path no longer lay

2.at the midpoit of my life Ifound myself o a jouney
the strait path therein lay vanished

3alfwayway over the way of our life
missed the struggle way

4.halfway along the forest obscured by the lost way
I faltered
the path

5.halfway along our journey I had woken in wonder
at the point no longer half the way astray

6halway through thi treckoflife
I found myself halfway and half to go

7halfay through our     treck in life I found myself halway
in a dark wood and I didn’t know whee to go

88halfway upon the journey
I found myself in a gloomy wood  reasoning the path direct as lost

9halfway alonf the journey of my life
I roused to find myself in darknes

and I faltered because the waywas really lost

10in the middle of our journey
I found myself in a darkened wood
and I rasoned the right road was lost for good

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Transcripted without asking or checking by Majena Mafe  2008, after reading each passage once, typing it down out along the path with one finger by the light of the dark without looking ahead...whilst sitting halfway in a tree’d place halfway along. Repeaten the repeat repeatedly.

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