GIRRLSOUND new sound org. for women in sound

Though there is a burgeoning interest emerging in sounding artworks, … ‘there is little discourse about this genre that has come from an analysis of the artworks themselves.’ Bandt Sound Sculpture (13)

So Paula, I ask you this – where are the women in [sounding] digital media?*

The inattention to aural experience in the construction of human subjectivity is undoubtedly coincidental with a general emphasis in critical debates on visual representation, an emphasis which is attributed to the priority given to vision in a Western culture dominated by patriarchal principles ... A similar depreciation of the female voice and a usurpation of its creative potential is to be found in contemporary media representations.
Jean Fisher- Reflections On Echo—Sound By Women Artists In Britain

Hi, as a sound artist/researcher, I am hearing the need for an umbrella organization for women working in the sound arts that will address some of the ghettoizing, fracturing and silence around women working in sound.

Decided it was time to do something about it, I have put together this site Girrlsound http://girrlsound.blogspot.com/, with its online forum. But Girrlsound needs your  input .. how should it be shaped, what areas does it need to cover? What are the gaps you see in the genre ... industry?


What is Girrlsound ::
Girrlsound is an ‘about to be released’ organization promoting and representing contemporary women in sound and their work/thinking/research, with an online web interface/presence, containing a forum discussion group
Girrlsound is a resource space for women sound artists, of others artist’s works, sound theory, tools and opportunities for exhibitions and collaborations
Girrlsound is an organization for arranging and presenting projects and sound works
Girrlsound is a distribution site for innovative women’s sound works
Girrlsound presents local and web-based workshops in sound technology and creativity, and professional practice …

We believe that new things are being said in culture with digital media especially sound based media. This development through creative and critical engagement with contemporary art media and practices enables and inspires people to become active co-creators of their contemporarily culture and societies. This co-creativity must include women. Women are saying things with sound, creating new digital languages and technologies for articulation. Girrlsound makes that sound heard.

Mission ::
Girrlsound is a co-creative space that appreciates, acknowledges and promoters women’s unique contribution to the field of sound art
Girrlsound presents women’s sound work for discussion
Girrlsound facilitates dialogue and discussion through online forums
Girrlsound provides distribution and publication opportunities for women
Girrlsound offers and links new sound collaborative relationships

Our areas of activity can be categorized as ::
       All things Sound
       Gender & Sound Arts Practice
       Girrlsound Sound Theory
       Sound & Context
       Sound & Language/Image/Voice/Word/Text
       Sound at the margins
       Low tech and high tech
       Reviewing/Curating & Archiving
       Listening Practice – distribution
       Sound projects

Terms ::
Sound art :: creative use of non-musical sound, often by artists who are not ‘musicians’, installations, environmental sound, radio art, sound sculpture, etc.
Hybrid :: experimental use of concepts or instruments from other cultures; Text :: focus on spoken language, often emphasizing sound over meaning.
Sonic :: of or relating to audible sound.
Sonic art ::  sound/art of or relating to art/sound
Sound art ::  sound/art of or relating to art/sound
Cochlea’d sound :: audible sound
Non-cochlea’d sound :: non-audible sound
Sound art = Sonic art

This is what I have put together for discussion ...
Girrlsound has a web-based frame to offer a forum for reflection, discussion etc, upload space for promoting  and presenting women’s sound works, articles, publishing and reviews, resources, links etc. In the near future Girrlsound plans to offer podcasts. Key to the aims of Girrlsound is the offering of public and online workshops for the technical and creative development of women working in sound. Further extensions, as in stage 2,  will be a real space exhibition/performing program …  the inclusion of a ‘women in digital media arm’, and the setting up of a public outreach program hub using collaboration and participatory co-creation processes in digital technologies to articulate difference and inclusiveness in lives and cultures.

I am in conversation with British and American sound artists who wish to be involved. It is my intension to apply for funding and in kind support and partnerships from various sources. I’m distributing questionnaires re the needs of woman in sound on relevant list serves and presenting the project to as many woman  and sound orgs as possible, so I can to gage interest and feedback. I am speaking to leaders  in the field in Australia as well as international artists. I foresee that Girrlsound flourishes with collaborative partnerships.

Girrlsound plans to begin doing interviews and reviews of sound artists work during the coming six months. Girrlsound will launch herself officially at a Sound based symposium offered through the Block at Queensland University of Technology, (QUT) Brisbane, in June 2012. It is expected that these symposiums will be held bi-annually and engage with international sound artists/organizations providing, critical engagement, discussion, linkages, projects, shows etc

The 2012 Girrlsound Symposium will be a one or two day program, with a series of panels, and  two or three guest speakers. The Girrlsound Symposium will address important areas for woman in the sonic arts. It is planned that there would be launched with this event, a series of new sound projects for woman at that time, tied in with discussion of future  plans i.e. publications (text and sonic) and performance exhibition possibilities … possible themes could be …

Do girrls sound different?
Loop- fade- dissolve: common notions that strangle sound art.
What is sound art by women, sounding out?
What is so shocking about sound art anyway?
How can sound art effect political change(s)?
The ethical frame speaks up?
Underground, DIY, Circuit bending Girrlsound
Remix play … Performance – presentations

I am looking for interest, and support for this idea, I would really appreciate your feedback, contribution and comments …

I would like two other authors, besides myself, to work on web reviews, articles etc. I am seeking people for these positions at present. I am also looking for speakers  and ideas for the symposium. So what do you think, would you like to be involved? Contribute? Write a review?
Cheers (in sound)

Majena Mafe
Girrlsound http://girrlsound.blogspot.com/

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