Nonsequiter's Women in Sound Arts list

image by Majena Mafe
quote from blog...'These artists (359 and counting) are all in the classical/avant garde/experimental lineage, within which we try to be quite inclusive. Most of them don’t fit neatly into any one category, so multiples are often shown: 20c = “modern” composers in the classical tradition who are no longer alive; Contempo = living composers in the classical tradition (written scores for traditional instruments); PoMo (Post-Modern, Post-Classic, “Downtown”) = may have classical background but exhibits more eclectic influences and doesn’t necessarily use standard notation or instrumentation; Elec = electronic, electroacoustic, and computer music (not the dance/club variety); Improv = non-idiomatic free improvisation/spontaneous composition, and in some cases the outer fringes of jazz; Sound Art = creative use of non-musical sound, often by artists who are not ”musicians” (installations, environmental sound, radio art, sound sculpture, etc.); Hybrid = experimental use of concepts or instruments from other cultures; Text = focus on spoken language, often emphasizing sound over meaning.

Artist’s names link to their own web site. If they don’t have a site, other links are shown. If an artist is known also as a performer, their primary instruments are listed. Two countries shown = born/resides, three = born/raised/resides. '
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