Marshall McLuhan (on the radio) MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE!!!

...'This July 21 marks the 100th birthday of the late Marshall McLuhan, Canadian thinker and media visionary who defined the mass media age of television and predicted much of the information revolution that followed.
He coined the phrase 'the global village', declared that 'the medium is the message', and he described what we now realise is the internet, 30 years before it existed.
Yet, McLuhan also warned of an 'age of anxiety' and the loss of privacy in the age of electronic media.
Now, at a time when our work, social and family lives are governed by media and interconnectivity, what can we learn from examining McLuhan's message? And where are we heading in the digital era?
The McLuhan Project is a major series of broadcasts on ABC Radio National and on ABC Digital Radio during the week of this significant centenary.
Beginning on 16 July on ABC Radio National and on the weekend of July 23 and 24 on ABC Digital Radio.
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