I'm gonna-try to keep in touch with this blog space on a different level from now on, yes really! I've been using it to stash research, which I will keep using the space for but now, being well into my phd I also need to reflect a bit on whats in here... its like a big closet and I can't see that great pair of dancing shoes at the back, in the corner under the flannelets pjs...my mic is in a handbag somewhere,...I do find it very comforting though to click onto in the middle of stuffing up endnote again, and find old friends. be they Gertrude or my ubu web favs...I'm all set up in my new office now, big quiet and a laser printer, bliss! plus the babe of bliss my new apple com... it arrived yesterday full of GB'S and software you make me meeeeellllllt!...now I just got to get this literature review outa the way and stage 2, too, so I can play!!
I have the 'new-post-grad-fatigue' which is like a very mild case of jet lag that doesn't come in those awful sickening big waves like jet lag, but that constantly constantly shoves your soul against the bloody to do list.
Below is Tay Zonday, reminding us all, never give up...in the way only he knows how to do.

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