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ZSWOUND is a MIXILINGUAL experiment which proposes 4 entries:==> 1) the blog itself, Zswound-Main, which focuses on a wide range of practises including multilingual writing, interacting / blending / aggregating languages, "dysfunctional" or diverted translation, pop translation, stolen languages, zaoum, automatically generated texts and mentalingual confusion, etc... Ultimately, this will probably become what I called a MELTLING SPOT. Zswound-Main is a work in progress which will remain online until APRIL 2008 (after that period the editors will decide whether it should be closed or expanded).==> 2) the "magazine", Zswound-Mag, which lists all contributors, and also provides a selection of links to zswounderful works and articles. NB: Zswound Mag is this page.==> 3) the collaborative area, Zswound-Mania which is based on a concept inspired by BP Nichols' Translating Translating Apollinaire: get one text (stimulus) and find as many alterations as we can.==> 4) the big world also known as Nuzzled Sentence which is the expanded and Joycean version of the above Zswound-Mania. Nuzzled Sentence is a telepathic co-invention which welcomes multilingui(ni)istic, multidisc(rec)ip(rocating)-(non)lin(e)ar(y)experiment(s), collaboration(s), me(n)talinguistic gymnastics, based on artistic katalysts from finnegans wake.
ZSWOUND, as the name suggests, will not remain on the page but is meant to be expressed and performed. This will be done in a number of places. Hopefully, recordings will be made and added to the site.

and an delisho example...
ZSWOUND MANIA: "Z72 - Erringly & forestalling (Z26 + MEaning Eater)

la waldron décollectivelyée boxiemo la déférented,
soundness sessions councilmen exposure ellsworth élucian dixieland combine ;
au pastry de l’iau le lécheek réalignments
un full straitenen Armenian cognitive il stranglings
sesame poisson acéréesqu’il réserf auxiliaries institutionally en charleston
la râpe servers à démemo sanguine anemoneésiena,
averaged un souring de prosecutes;
il faust serbian la viably en vérituallyé, maimed passivate availabilityée:
la portfolios, la moisture, sanchez pitifulé,
le silversmith failed bloch,touching abstainé dances la frénésie
gfried designators counterpoint francis de sa view godmother.
la familism ne garaged passageway la fractionîchewers de la via
misunderstanders en scène,
maims expletive, façon gibbons, de père en filament, lessen [….]
et lesbian déchins du désirup
(nourishes au flosses, le devastate pounds à l’offended);
le socialized s’assassins à l’édullesé; possess restricts
(o lucas, la dévoting anemometerésiée tiresomely plummet vitally questioner songs enmte)
’abstracted descriptor cousins se failings parlay incense et
décleanser destabilize poses épisces quixote rééquinn
desolately glows irreducible éprecipice.

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