steins 'susie asado' by david braden

Susie Asado - David Braden from ubu web
"Susie Asado" was made using my (David Braden's) recorded voice, and collaged sounds. The sounds were transformed using Audio Mulch software and edited with CoolEdit2000. Compositionally I kept the order of Gertrude Stein's poem, but divided it into 8 sections. The piece ends with all the sections mixed together simultaneously. In creating "Susie Asado" I let the text inform the editing choices. In the second section, for instance, the phrases "a lean on" "the shoe" "this means" "slipslips" and "hers" were made into separate sound files and assigned different beats and rhythms using a drum machine. The looped phrases literally slipping over each other reveal a hidden wordplay: "slip slips" and "hers" combine to "slippers." For the fifth section with a "pot" and "bobbles" and its plosive alliteration I added the sound of bubbles being blown with a straw into a metal pot. In the last section, I multiplied the voice so that the line is read in choral unison. I live in Oakland with my family and teach elementary school. I made my first two sound poems almost 20 years ago in a college electronic music course. In 2001 I took an on-line course in experimental writing with Alan Sondheim, and began creating "wordsound compositions." My work has or is scheduled to appear in various on-line and CD magazines: Bath House, Muse-Apprentice Guild, mmzzz, and Sprechen. A full length CD "summermiragemotel" will be released by softpalate (www.softpalate.org). My written poetry has appeared in: Shampoo, Poethia: writing on-line, Moria, Aught, Sidreality, Word For Word, Vert, and Muse-Apprentice Guild"

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