Christof Mignon- Phonic Gaps and Gasps review by Allen S Weiss

reviewing Christof Migone...

“Skull partitas, glottal toccatas, ear arias, bone blues,
heart sonatas, nerve operas, blood symphonies – the
audio inventions of Christof Migone evoke the disrupted
and degenerate inner voice that so disquietingly haunts
our thought and our speech. Through the piercing and
obsessive acoustics of Hole in the Head, the possibilities
of audio montage permit vocal organisms and electronic
circuits to intersect, reflect and infect each other. These
works therefore exist in a highly charged state of
paradox and contradiction: they are impish and lyrical,
nightmarish and enlightening, abrasive and soothing.
Here, creativity occurs at that threshold where language
disintegrates and electronics peaks outs; where codes
are transgressed and nonsense elaborated; where
sonorous distortions, interferences and noises establish
a delirious, crazed, schizophonic art. The analysis of
such works demands a teratology of the voice, whose
monsters arise by means of liberating all those vocal
“accidents” that hitherto blemished the pure sounds of
bel canto and belles lettres: moans, screams, sighs,
cries, chokes, roars, gasps, mumbles, whistles, yelps,
slurps, groans, chortles, snorts, pops, clicks, wheezes,
babbles, hisses, hums, whimpers, hoots, whines, puffs,
drones, stutters, lisps, rattles, and countless other
As Roman Jakobson suggests in his celebrated
psycholinguistic studies on the relations between
aphasia and linguistic structure, the pathological
breakdown of quotidian speech – culminating in either
the incoherent jumble of word salad, the inarticulate simplicity
of one-word sentences, or the utter silence of aphasia universalis
– proffers new modes of poetic form." Weiss

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