aslongasittakes whydidittakesolong? fabulous work and resouce for sound thats not music but everything else

a s l o n g a s i t t a k e s, a sound poetry magazine published by the Atlanta Poets Group, is seeking submissions....heres a quote from them..."we are looking for sound poetry, scores for sound poetry and essays on sound poetry. “What is ‘sound poetry’?” you ask. Good question. It’s one of those know it when you see (hear) it kind of things. It’s probably not music (thanks Dick Higgins). It might be noise. If you think about a spectrum of possible noise made by the human body (or simulations thereof or substitutions therefor), and at one end of the spectrum is a person reading her poem and at the other end is abstract noise, we’re looking for works that fall towards the latter end. We are looking for works in/of/against the tradition(s) of Ball, Schwitters, Dûfrène, Henri Chopin, Jandl, Cobbing, The Four Horsemen, Fylkingen Group, Öyvind Fahlström. . . hopefully by now you get the idea. We’re looking for stuff that will push/redefine the limits. The magazine is Web-based".

Issue 2 is now up! Right here
. And it includes work by Adachi Tomomi, the Atlanta Poets Group (performing a piece by Michael Basinski and some Love Songs by Bruce Andrews ), Gary Barwin (alone and with Gregory Betts ), Michael Basinski, David Braden, Craig Dongoski, Brian Howe , Maja Jantar (alone and with Vincent Tholome), e k rzepka, Larissa Shmailo, and Mathew Timmons (performing a Hugo Ball poem).

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