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the critical browser Uses the bookmark feature to contextualize your viewing

Let's say you are a political scientist researching the rising popularity of right-wing parties across Europe. Choose a text that best suits the nature of your surfing and bookmark it! Each time you hit the site, the words will appear in the browser. Think about the potential. If you're looking at pornography for your feminist studies course, you can frame your research with a few simple clicks::

other of their gems are here the De Greuzen Foundation for Multi-Visual Resources
De Geuzen.org

This gem found on ...Rene Turner site Fudge the Facts, she is one of the members of the collective De Greusen site Fudge the Facts full of riches

On her site there are lots of great frames for distributing ideas and themes. Also an interview with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, co-founders and co-directors of Furtherfield.org and the HTTP Gallery, they discuss their approach to networked production and culture. Keywords: community, collaboration, mail art, Fluxus, DIY, DIWO and networked environments.Its a The Skype-streamed lecture that took place Feb. 2009, part of a three-day MA seminar entitled, “From Representation to Participation”. Examining participatory and collaborative art practices, the seminar was organized by RenĂ©e Turner at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway.

The stream was broadcast from the HTTP Gallery in London. For more information on Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett and their diverse activities click on furtherfield.org, netbehavior, furthernoise.org and http gallery space

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