CIRCLE practice led research collaborations from Edinburough


CIRCLE is a group of artists/researchers engaged in Creative Interdisciplinary Research into Collaborative Environments.
Its members are staff and research students at Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh as well as independents.
They work in diverse areas, such as visual and media arts, dance and performance, architecture and sound, informatics and social sciences.
They seek to undertake collaborative research at the juncture of the creative arts and sciences and across disciplines.

Simon Biggs, media artist and Research Professor, Edinburgh College of Art
Mariza Dima, digital artist and PhD candidate, Edinburgh University
Henrik Ekeus, sound artist and Research Assistant, Architecture, Edinburgh University
Sue Hawksley, dance artist and PhD candidate, Edinburgh College of Art
Beverley Hood, artist and Lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art
Dr. John Lee, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Informatics, Edinburgh University
Dr. Sophia Lycouris, artist and Reader, Director Graduate Research School, Edinburgh College of Art
Vangelis Lympouridis, sound artist and PhD candidate, Edinburgh University
Ann Marie Shilito, Research Fellow in Design and Applied Arts, Edinburgh College of Art
Dr. Chris Speed, Reader in Digital Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art
Wendy Timmons, Coordinator MSc in Dance Science and Education, Edinburgh University
Dr. Penny Travlou, Research Fellow in Cultural Geography, Edinburgh College of Art
Dr. Mark Wright, Research Fellow in Art and Informatics, Edinburgh University

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