Lady McBeth put together collaborative-ly by ALTRASCENA

Sirens at the Court of the Lady
Collaboration at/by ALTRASCENA
below is the translated post on his web describing the work,

..."This work began with the idea of creating a work under the aegis / demon of Lady Macbeth. I asked some poets and performers to record with the means at their disposal, some passages of the Shakespeare tragedy, without any constraints of interpretation or sound. The poet / performer Rosaria Lo Russo, Sara Davidovics, Chiara Daino Brandi and Irene, the singer / actress Raffaella Benetti, the poet Erminia Passannante and sound artist Majena Mafe, accepted.
The finished work emerged intrusive, confused, without a centre. In its way, it produces itself as both horrible and fascinating, a hybrid form, like that of a siren, with its inherent disorientation strategy. And the song which has no other message that its surplus. There is, in this work, which is made up of sudden flashes, an attempt to renew the art of radio directly using available space. Through listening to the characters and the accompanying sounds, it also aims to open new perspective perceptually. This work opens up a different audience and with full respect for the Shakespearean canon, that also calls the assassination of it.
[The piece is performed in German by Helene Weigel, to whose memory this work is dedicated]"
Duration: 21.15 min.

Rosaria Lo Russo , Sara Davidovics , Chiara Daino Raffaella Benetti , Erminia Passannanti

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