defy(n)ing sound


1. Not sound; defective; as unsound timber.
2. Infirm; sickly; as unsound in health; an unsound constitution.
3. Not orthodox; defective; as unsound in faith; unsound doctrine.
4. Not sound in character; not honest; not faithful; not to be trusted; defective; deceitful.
5. Not true; not solid; not real; not substantial; as unsound pleasures; unsound delights.
6. Not close; not compact; as unsound cheese.
7. Not sincere; not faithful; as unsound love.
8. Not solid; not material.
9. Erroneous; wrong; deceitful; sophistical; as unsound arguments.
10. Not strong; as unsound ice.
11. Not fast; not calm; as unsound sleep.
12. Not well established; defective; questionable; as unsound credit.
1913 Definition
Unsound (unsound)

  1. Not sound; not whole; not solid; defective; infirm; diseased.

    -- Un*sound"ly, adv. -- Un*sound"ness, n.

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