Rumpus call for more Funny women found via She Writes

I just joined She Writes ... and their Funny Woman 'room' and theres a link there to Rumpus.net and an article 'Women writing on McSweeny's site ... its a good list click here to read the whole lot ... the idea is to encouraging women to submit more humor to publishers!! do it gals

heres an extract...

“Why are men, taken on average and as a whole, funnier than women?” inquired Christopher Hitchens in “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” Vanity Fair, January 2007.

That’s a good question. And by that I mean, fuck you.

Since women are so hilarious all the time/everywhere (see: Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, Starlee Kine, Katie Crouch, Kristen Schaal, etc.), I’d like to feature the women of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, who are reliably hysterical, clever, and concise. Below is what I consider the best of what women have written for the site since the beginning of 2008.

My measures of judgment:
- A vagina. It’s not that I’m sexist, but sometimes it’s important to fight sexism with sexism.
- Timelessness. I can’t read another joke about the econolypse; everyone being poor and homeless just isn’t funny anymore, and it won’t be funny (or ironic in a good way) in ten years when everyone is rich and arrogant again. Further, I don’t care for faux math.
- Utilization of nontraditional narrative and syntactical deviations.
- Universal applicability. You were crapped on [in some way]? I was crapped on [in same way]!
- Discussion of men being emotionally AWOL.
- References to literature’s antiquity, David Lynch, The Wire, and sex phobias.

Other criteria:
- I laughed aloud.
- I was in some way offended.
- The term “manorexic” was used.

The list (out of hundreds and in no particular order):

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