Girrrls and drag

Been thinking alot lately about drag and the applied (with a trowel) 'subjectivity of the feminine' by male drag queens.. gs its because I've been watching Ru Pauls Drag show on foxtell instead of doing phd.

good article here


Female Drag Queens by Frederike De Jonge

Interview with Raven Snook, Female Drag Queen

To me drag is not gender-bound it is a state of mind. I have met several women (born gender female that is!) who are, in my terms, a drag queen, (including myself). Some male "drag queens" say women do no thave enough drama or glamour to be drag queens. I say - what abt the women so many drag queens impersonate? A few names come to mind: Diana Ross, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Midler, Cher, Joanna Lumley, Madonna to name but a few.

During my last visit to New York I met up with Raven Snook ("Designated Diva" drag performer) and Andy Freeze (make-up artist & self-proclaimed drag terrorist) for a photoshoot and some chit chat on the essence of drag.

Frederike: What makes Ravens "Designated Diva" a Drag Queen?

Andy: Raven has always been a girl with a little bit of flair....

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