echo notes 1

...while the mocking birds mock, they don't copy the human voice singing.
their voice-s are imitations without reciprocity, forms of echo that stop at that point.
Parrots learn human sounds but Herder says they "have learned enough human sounds; but have they ever thought a human word?"...there are so many ways sound insinuates into and under and forms language.
Last night, leaving a gathering of people at dusk, the trees outside were teaming with black starlings and moving leaves and branches and the whole lot was swimming/screaming as one big mass...what does it mean when sound breaks down the form? The edge? the noun tree dissolves. The noun bird is all guttural cry. The incomplete becomes very very big...at this point 'more' can and does happen. In singing this happens how? In poetic language how? In texts ? In the body?

The samuri at a certain point stopped their killings and became interior-the Fuke sect, the wandering monks of this Buddhist lineage, known as the komuso, became famous as the Zen Priests of Nothingness...they understood that it was possible to sound on the flute a note that would break through 'the everything' one sing sound the unsound.

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