pop fields of sounded sound at blog breamer

Pop Fields

Will Schrimshaw on beamer, posted these short sound pieces
"excerpts from improvised performances that seem to make sense on their own. Often short excerpts like these would end up as parts of a larger pieces. I found them in some of the darker corners of an external drive while trying to find examples of work for a project. I’m doing less recording these days, perhaps as a result of this I’ve grown to like these miniatures, short snippets of a performance documented only when I remember to hit the record button, left to rot for a while and then unearthed further down the line."

click to download:
(c)Inns + Full Field + crl + Cutter

These fragments are yummy, the idea that they have laid in the corner for a while interests me allot as well. Will's blog space breamer has allot of very good and interesting info and ideas rattling around re Deleuze and sound/the unsound...listening his pieces made me interested again/still in the cross overs between theory and the creative work...why we go with one thing and not the other, why we choose a particular sound/image/idea to work with etc.

I went to a master class in the States a few years ago and Camille Roy the writer in residence there, snapped at us one session, for even considering not 'living' (-ie activating in our lives), the theory we were drawn to and absorbing so veraciously. Deadly serious play was what she threw at us. And I caught it...I've never forgot that. And now in trying to expand both my practice and my 'use' of the theory that so delights and expands me, I am constantly questioning myself...how do we do that without repeating whats already in that space. One way I'm working is I'm getting interested in ERRORS, repetitions that are of, off key/colour as in jokes etc...

This is not to say I think this work above is stuck or anything. I think its good and interesting. And I know through the site that theory is big/important, so it just brought me back to that question, grinding away in me...

WHAT & HOW? and then WHAT & HOW again and again and again...I love the creative life.

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