the vibration of a hollar (to sing) by majena mafe

… given contralto the vibration of the holler is no cause sometimes… it is juss pass’d out stumped like silence is too much the cause no more no ore the way to play to be the sayn is as the right way, no n no noooo-er this n there moat operates the throat the right way sing’n thing is to listen not as rrite but to listen listen… for the false hope splats the note of extreeeeeemen wake awkward nesses is the frame it doesn’t fit its all a compres-error a still too small’n… the uncomput the incomplace the disco-ver-


…sigh’n a strong black woman… singe’n whorewhere as a fl-frame, eat’n sighs up.

I have a row of teeth and they r open

are sno-open saw sawn open, the throat of you-r

…perhaps all is all gone? the toll is not paid (it full). it doesn’t matter they all stand/say and they are right it doesn’t mutter one iota the bit piece of lying the sprickt the thpy

up the drrewn topped gotyersd… too sty too sty’n alone oopssi... a leapn fry the cry is aching blue to navy-us hole-d up.

them out. (The) Always Arrives as hot hot hot.

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