hortus conclusus on a beautiful site called flowerville

quote 'Conversely for Fauré , the "Jardin clos," hortus conclusus as the Song of Songs calls it (long before Charles van Leberghe), could only be a silent garden, the garden of quietude, just as the islet whose mystery in evoked by Rachmaninoff (with Konstantin Balmont) is all silence, all somnolence. This second kind of silence is no longer the limitless ocean or the unformed grayness of the ἄπειρον (infinite); rather, it delimits a well-circumscribed zone within the universal din. Rimsky-Korsakov's operas like to carve out a like in the midst of their swarming landscapes, and this lake is a zone of solitude and silence: because a lake, which is itself closure, hortus conclusus - the silent island - clears a mute space at the heart of the din, just as the island of sonority is isolated within the immensity of silence'.

Vladimir Jankélévitch - music and the ineffable

found on Flowerville LINK HERE yuumy

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