sound questions sound questions

Sound. What is it? In writing, reading, listening. Do you sound out what you write and read? and what you listen to? What does that mean, to sound out? A gesture? What sort? Where is that sound on the page? How is that sound on the page?

Is sound a figure of speech? an -emic trend? a social material in words?

divisible into words? Does sound exist prior to, or through, or even despite words' formation, or exist only in letters, syllables, morphemes, syntactic categories? Is sound part of the ambience of writing (Pound's wordless rhythmical humming)? What ambience?

What is sound as an aesthetic dimension of writing that links to past rhythmical and rhyming traditions? What is the musicality of poetry's "real thing"?

What is poetic sound as a subjective state? or as a descriptive, empirical dimension of language as language in poetry?

Is sound the oratorical aspect of the reading performance, and the open window? Which reading performance? When? The motor and acoustics of the body? Which body? Where? When?

Is there influence of specific songs?

Is the sound not gendered? How?

Speech and speech alone? Noise alone? Noise inside speech alone?

The mimological, the Cratylian of language, onomatopoeic and phonosemantic mimicry by sound itself embodying meaning? Sound as system in poetry?

What is or has been an important sound for you as a poet in any of your work? Does the internet medium in itself impressionistically suggest today a particular quality of sound or of soundlessness?

A mix of the above? Some other mix? An other?

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