87 channel opera for silence -collaboration majena mafe & Ibitsu

A collaborative project based on a text piece on silence written by Ibitsu...whose work and ideas can be read on the blog space Ibitsu found ...here.

"…language must be thwart with silence otherwise it will never be heard…heard only as an echo of a sound unsung and resonating with the sincerity of a hollow cry…only in the blackness of the night it begins to resound and in the light of the day it begins to silence…where silence be the call of its failure to begin language must be left and abandoned unsung…eager to cry but impotent and mute…words resound in an audible silence which at once silences and makes audible the sonorous subject…to be heard and be seen only in silence…let language be unsung when cried and silence to echo as one hears…for only in silence do we hear and only in blackness can we write…"

This video piece was my response to these ideas, I'm still just mucking around (but seriously) trying to find out what I think but I work through spells or bouts of research then performing my ideas...this piece was based on a particular fullness I'm finding in the unsound that has as one face or aspect for me- silence, is it the same as Ibitsu's? After this cacophony (a paradox I know) I'm interested in trying to making some very quiet pieces is that true? I love the full on..., more of my work is available if you click on my 'own work' under LABELS in the list to the right....as always I'm open to collaborations with others.

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